Cambridge Consultants is committed to the prevention of work-related injury or ill health. Through the effective management of Health & Safety we seek to protect our staff, clients, and others from harm and to support all our activities by preventing disruption to our business, the loss of valuable assets, and damage to our reputation. All our activities are carried out in conformance with applicable legislation and compliance obligations.

We will achieve good Health & Safety performance by:

- Doing all that is reasonably practicable to prevent work-related injury or ill health
- Applying a problem-solving, risk based and proportionate approach to Health & Safety
- Undertaking operational and strategic planning for Health & Safety
- Using the good practices of ISO 18001 to inform our Health & Safety Management System
- Positive engagement with staff on Health & Safety matters, to develop competence and gain commitment
- Setting annual Health & Safety objectives that are aligned with CC’s strategic direction
- Monitoring performance against objectives and seeking continual improvement in our Health & Safety performance

Eric Wilkinson, Chief Executive Officer