Next generation wireless powering platform

MagLense allows smart implant powering, reduces the risk of discomfort without compromising performance and eliminates the battery from the body.

Shaping the future of implants

A self-calibrating array of coils allows implants to charge independent of their position and orientation.

Flexible charger geometries mean systems can integrate with a patient’s lifestyle without compromising charging efficiency.

Dynamic field shaping improves power delivery without causing tissue damage while targeted implant tracking allows on-demand wireless powering.

It’s all in the algorithm

MagLense's proprietary algorithm shapes the magnetic field, allowing for optimum power delivery regardless of the size and body shape of the patient.

Its smart algorithm, paired with novel coil and array geometries, allows for dynamic field shaping to intelligently target an implant.

Monitoring reflected implant impedance profiles allows optimum power delivery for different implant locations, orientations, sizes and shapes.

Decoupling adjacent flexible coils allows the system to maximise power transfer efficiency.

Impact beyond implants

Smart power delivery opens the door for on-demand powering of batteryless implants.

Beyond medical applications, the technology paves the way for product advancements across a host of industry sectors. For example, wireless charging of consumer wearables during use.

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