Smart Implants our expertise

Our expertise

As the largest independent smart implant development firm, we’ve worked on over 3 dozen implant programs over the past 20 years, with multiple FDA clearances and CE markings.

Our implant experience includes deep brain stimulation, vagal nerve, spinal cord, urology, orthopedics, cochlear and auditory, cardiovascular, cardiac rhythm management, pancreatic, and ophthalmic applications.

We specialize in implant system development, novel sensing, closed-loop control therapy, safety-critical software, ASIC and FPGA, implant power, communication, data security, and digital ecosystems.

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Innovation and insights

Sencare Red Dot Award

Our Red Dot Design Award winner was shaped by the needs of Parkinson’s patients

6th Oct 2022

We're pleased to share that we’ve won a prestigious Red Dot Design Award for a holistic wearable medical device concept that puts the needs of Parkinson’s patients at the very core of its design.

  • Digital health
  • Human factors
  • Industrial design
  • Sensing
  • User Experience (UX)
Press release

Smart implant breakthrough

16th Nov 2017

MagLense, a breakthrough in through body wireless power transfer, is set to revolutionise the world of medical implants and consumer wearables. The system provides flexible, efficient and safe wireless power transfer to...

  • Connectivity & IoT
What next for smart implantable medical devices?

What next for smart implants?

20th Feb 2023

The future of smart implantable medical devices – Our experts share key insights for medical implant manufacturers.

  • AI & Analytics
  • Bioinnovation
  • Digital health
Medical Device Software Development

The 10 things every medtech developer needs to know about cybersecurity right now

23rd May 2022

CC's software and systems engineers top 10 things every medtech developer needs to know about cybersecurity...

  • Digital health
  • Digital security
Press release

Setting the pace

5th Nov 2015

World’s first wireless cardiac pacing system for heart failure achieves European CE mark approval


Miniature active implants – the key area for innovation in next-generation drug delivery

29th Oct 2021

Cambridge Consultants Harshal Shah, head of oncology innovations for global medical technology presents on how miniature active implants are key area for innovation in next-generation drug delivery.

  • Digital health
  • Human factors
Medical Device Design

Why the world needs digitally-connected medicine, starting right now

28th Mar 2022

Dr Ashwini Sharan and Cambridge Consultants recently provoked debate with the release of a visionary film, ‘A day in the life of a Parkinson’s patient in 2030’, which imagined seamless therapy enabled by smart implants, surgical robotics, digital connectivity and AI. Here, Ash explains why his ambitions for the future of medicine are not just blue-sky thinking but a rallying cry for the healthcare world… 

  • Digital health
  • Human factors
  • Physical sciences
Press release

Breakthrough unlocks progress in brain-on-a-chip technology

25th Mar 2020

Massively accelerated image processing supports development of novel treatments for neurological conditions

  • AI & Analytics
  • Sensing

We can help you achieve the impossible

Facilities and tools

Anechoic chamber (Stargate Satimo)

Anechoic test chamber

Our custom anechoic radio and antenna test chamber is a highly sophisticated 5m cube. Inside, we carry out automated three-dimensional measurement and visualization of wireless device behavior and test body-worn technology using body phantoms or real live test subjects. This helps us to understand and optimize real-word RF performance of products such as smart implants (including implanted telemetry), connected drug delivery devices and wearables.

Digital Operating Room

Digital operating room

Our Digital Operating Room is a unique innovation lab enabling clients and surgeons to collaborate with our R&D teams on transforming the future of surgery. This innovation space accelerates the development of digital surgery platforms, like next-generation surgical robots and visualization systems, as well as smart implants, and critical care systems. Clients use our Digital Operating Room for strategy and visioning workshops, human factors formative research, concept brainstorming, prototype development, and verification testing of complex digital surgery platforms.

Human Factors Lab

Human factors lab

Our Human Factors Workshop is a hub for user-centered design. Our team can meet a variety of client and project needs in this highly adaptable space, such as creating a comfortable home environment for a patient, hosting large client teams for observation of a simulated surgery or discussing strategic product visions with a panel of stakeholders. With this in-house capability, we conduct user research and obtain product feedback quickly and effectively, keeping users at the forefront of design.