Medtech Connect Singapore 2022: What's next? Reimagining healthcare in APAC

Medtech Connect Singapore 2022 is your opportunity to refocus, reset and reimagine the future of healthcare in our post-pandemic world. What lessons have we learned in the past two years? How can we build on the accelerated digital adoption that we’ve all witnessed? And – most crucially of all – where will technology innovation take us? We’re connecting innovative start-ups and visionary investors with ambitious technology providers – and together we’ll explore ‘what’s next’ for Medtech innovation in APAC.

Keynote presentation

Yan Lin Lye, Head of Medtech APAC, Cambridge Consultants

Medtech Connect Osaka 2022: The challenges to realising next generation therapeutics   

The race to bring the promise of advanced therapies to Japanese patients
Medtech Connect Osaka 2022 brought together Japan's thriving medtech ecosystem to discuss the future of the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry. We discussed the challenges in commercialising the newest therapeutics: from cell and gene therapies to regenerative medicine and mRNA. Join us as we explore the future of advanced therapy manufacturing practices, drug delivery, and n of 1 therapies.

Opening remarks and Keynote session

Medtech Connect Osaka 2022 was kicked off by Hironori Kondo, Executive Director and Secretary General of the Osaka Chamber of Commerce (OCCI). Followed next by a keynote speech from Matthew Allen, Global Head of Medtech for Cambridge Consultants, discussing 'engineering the next generation of cell therapies'.
Yoichi Honma, Executive Officer & Director of Regenerative Medicine Research Planning Dept from Rohto Pharmaceuticals, shared his thoughts on 'the challenge of regenerative medicine - developing new businesses with in-house know-how .

Lecture - Synthetic Biology

Next on the agenda was  Prof. Akihiko Kondo, Director of Bacchus Bio innovation and Vice President of Kobe University who shared his thoughts on 'Synthetic Biology, the current status and future developments'.

Start up Spotlight

To kick off this session Lei Liu, Ph.D., Innovation Partnerships & i2.JP Director, AstraZenecaKK  presents on the 'Japanese Medtech Ecosytem'

All great innovation networks must have a combination of fearless innovators, visionary investors, and experienced industry players. This session will give an overview of Japan’s medtech innovation ecosystem.

Start-up Spotlight moderated by Lei Liu, Ph.D., Innovation Partnerships & i2.JP Director, AstraZenecaKK

The challenge to enable next generation therapeutics to reach more patients knows no boundaries. Therefore, MedTech Connect Osaka 2022 was pleased to host this session of innovators from around the world to showcase their breakthrough innovations. In this session, we highlight three companies that are working in the field of next generation therapeutics
- Shin Hatou, CEO, Cellusion
- Taku Nakahara, CEO, Metagen Therapeutics
- Ben Yellen, CEO, Celldom
- Joshua Yang, Co-Founder and CEO, Glyphic

Special Remark | Buzz Palmer, CEO
The Actuator from Australia will make a special announcement about their future in the Japanese ecosystem.

Panel | Cell & Gene | Advanced Manufacturing

Cell and gene therapies are undeniably a big part of the future of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. The first commercial products are showing astounding clinical benefits to patients but their production is still very challenging to the industry. Watch this video as we discuss the challenges and the strategies around bringing cell and gene therapies to more patients in APAC.

Moderator – Yan Lin Lye, Head of Medtech APAC, Cambridge Consultants.

- Prof. Akihiko Kondo, Director of Bacchus Bio innovation & Vice President of Kobe University
- Michael Paumen, Head of Japan, Pacific Biosciences
- Paulo Garcia, CEO, Kytopen

Connect Singapore 2021: Beyond COVID - investigating and innovating for the
next generation

Medtech Connect Singapore 2021 explored the opportunities for medtech innovation in APAC in a COVID-19 impacted world. 

Beyond COVID - investigating and innovating for the next generation

This webinar features VCs representing the Japanese, Australian, Singaporean and Chinese market discussing the trends and challenges in their markets respectively for the years to come. Bringing together innovative start-ups, medical technology providers and medtech investors from across the globe to debate these key issues and share their insights.

Moderator – Yan Lin Lye, Head of Medtech APAC, Cambridge Consultants

- Hsien-Hui Tong | Executive Director - Investments for SGInnovate
- Brian Hakim | Director of International Business Development for MedTecX
- Helen Fisher | MD and CEO, Bio Capital Impact Fund