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We will be awarding a small prize each week for the answer that impresses us the most and the winners' first names will be published on our website.

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The padlock challenge 

This week’s CC STEM Challenge: If you were developing a smart padlock for a school locker which could be unlocked by the student putting their phone next to the lock, what problems would you need to think about that might stop it working properly?    

Please submit your answers by Friday 5 June.

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Last week's winners - Time-capsule challenge

This week it was fascinating to see what you all thought about what should go in a time capsule to tell our descendants in 1000 years time what life is like now. Of course, there's "what life is generally like near the start of the 21st century" and then there is "what life is like right now" in the Covid-19 pandemic!

We had suggestions for everything from mobile phones, music and teddy bears to science text books - and then there were some great ideas about how to protect the contents for 1000 years. Plastic featured heavily here - it's annoying when it is thrown away and damages the environment and wildlife, but when you are trying to keep something safe for a very long time then a container that doesn't rot or degrade is really useful.

The winner this week is Georgia, age 8, who wrote a very moving "letter to the future" explaining all about what life is like in 2020, and how much she is missing her friends at the moment. Well done Georgia!