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To help you with your answer you can research relevant topics online, ask people you know, and of course use your own ingenuity and creative thinking!

We would love to hear all your thoughts and ideas, in whatever format you prefer: writing, drawing, PowerPoint, mind map...
We will be awarding a small prize each week for the answer that impresses us the most and the winners' first names will be published on our website.

This week, your challenge is...

The taxi challenge 

How could you go about making an estimate (a clever guess) of the number of taxis in the UK? What would you need to know?  

Please submit your answers by Friday 31 July.

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Last week's winner - The school app challenge

Once again some very imaginative ideas that have focused on making this app useful and engaging for both parents and children alike.
You identified key aspects of the application like making it bright and simple to use and to understand and a very important aspect - encourage children to strive to do better.
This week we'd like to give an honorable mention to  Houda age 10 for her Schooltastic submission. A regular contributor though this series of challenges the standard of Houda's presentations and ideas is very high, we see a product designer of the future there. 😊