Products are incorporating increasingly complex technology, putting greater pressure on the supply chain. As a result, gaps are forming and the risk to reputations and revenues is growing through issues such as provenance, grey market devices and counterfeit products.

But is there a way for the supply chain to disrupt the market and create more scalable, traceable and automated processes? The benefits could be vast, introducing more efficient business models and creating valuable new commercial opportunities. Blockchain is being hailed as the solution to many challenges, but will it deliver here?

We’re hosting a workshop in December to develop a collective view of how supply chains are likely to change over the next decade and assess whether technologies like Blockchain really are the answer.

We will publish a report detailing the workshop’s findings shortly after the event, providing rare insights from influential players across the ecosystem, including semiconductor and IP vendors, product manufacturers and distributors, in the medtech, consumer and industrial sectors.

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Jez Stark
Head of Semiconductor Services