Ready to unlock next generation connectivity for utilities?

I recently partnered with RCR Wireless and Enterprise IoT Insights on an industry report that explores the potential of private 5G networks to address connectivity concerns for utilities. We also discussed the full spectrum of digital systems – including AI, IoT, and Edge Compute - and how these technologies can unlock next generation connectivity. 

Oftentimes though this interest can be tinged with trepidation and concern around how to implement such technologies, especially given several complex connectivity requirements of modern utilities. Requirements such as improving efficiency and profitability and meeting evolving service quality demands or creating more sustainable systems to reduce carbon and other emissions. What’s more, legacy communication systems are becoming an increasingly painful issue, while new cybersecurity threats also need to be tackled.  

These requirements have caused a critical need for utilities to evolve to new, more advanced communication infrastructure. The advent of 5G presents several network options, including private networks. While there are many considerations that need to be taken on board when designing and deploying a private network, when done correctly, these systems can help utilities to implement several valuable new use cases and tackle evolving requirements long term.    

Our editorial report dives further into the complexities of connectivity and demands being made of modern utilities. Readers will also learn about strategies to implement and scale private networks, and the power of digital system and 5G within this context. Download our report today via RCR Wireless.   

Jacob Reeb Cambridge Consultants
Jacob Reeb
VP of Wireless and Digital Services

Jacob works with ambitious organizations to help realize their innovation initiatives, providing strategic guidance and creating breakthrough technology to secure competitive advantage. Jacob has held a range of leadership roles during 15 years at the bleeding edge of IoT and digital transformation, including at Accenture, Digi International and Arity. He holds deep technical knowledge in the major pillars of connected ecosystems. In working at Cambridge Consultants, he represents one of the largest independent wireless engineering teams in the world.

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