Roswell Biotechnologies are delivering their ambition of biological testing measurements on a chip. Working closely with Roswell, Cambridge Consultants have helped them create a biosensor that aims to transform industries. The chips dramatically reduce the costs of a test, provide rich information rapidly and let you have small, portable mobile devices that can be used anywhere.

To quote Roswell co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer Barry Merriman, "The goal of this work is to put biosensing on an ideal technology foundation for the future of precision medicine and personal wellness. This requires not only putting biosensing on chip, but in the right way, with the right kind of sensor. “We've pre-shrunk the sensor element to the molecular level to create a biosensor platform that combines an entirely new kind of real-time, single-molecule measurement with a long-term, unlimited scaling roadmap for smaller, faster and cheaper tests and instruments."

Enjoy the video.


Symon Cotton
Associate Director

Dr Symon Cotton, our Head of Life Sciences, is an experienced medical device developer working with numerous companies to develop innovative medical devices, leveraging the intersection of engineering, biology and computation.

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