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Event | Founder-Led Biotech Summit 2021
Speaker | Mike Dunkley, SVP, Bioinnovation, Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge Consultants' Mike Dunkley, SVP, Bioinnovation, hosts a panel on accelerating biotech product development, with a focus on real-world breakthroughs in transformative technologies for cell transfection, lab-grown cotton and DNA data storage.

He is joined by industry experts, including: 

  • Bethany Grant, Head of R&D, Kytopen
  • Tracy Kambara, Head of Molecular Biology, CATALOG
  • Luciano Bueno, Founder and CEO, Galy

Watch this presentation to learn more. 


Mike Dunkley
SVP, Bioinnovation

Mike rejoined Cambridge Consultants in May 2019 to lead growth of the Bioinnovation business in the US. His previous experience with the company has included hands-on technology and product development roles in the UK and the launch and growth of Cambridge Consultants business in the US.

Mike has over 20 years of experience spanning product and technology consulting, design consulting, and technology leadership in start-up environments. His primary market experience focuses on medical technology, pharmaceutical drug delivery, and healthcare delivery and has included biomanufacturing, agricultural technology, food production, and energy generation.

He has significant experience working with large multinationals and early-stage ventures helping to define and oversee large and complex development programs often with demanding timeline, regulatory, and organizational challenges.

Mike received his BA, MA, and PhD in engineering from the University of Cambridge, UK.

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