Event | Arm DevSummit 2021
Speaker | Brendan Gillatt, Principal AI & DSP Engineer, Edge AI Technology Lead, Cambridge Consultants

Whether it’s optimizing for low power and longevity, or porting cloud-sized AI to the new breed of endpoint AI hardware – developing embedding intelligence for the IoT is subject to very different constraints to AI in the cloud or data center.

In this talk, Brendan outlines the best practices which contribute to a success with endpoint AI.


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Brendan Gillatt
Principal AI & DSP Engineer, Edge AI Technology Lead

Brendan is a Principal Engineer at Cambridge Consultants, with a strong focus on digital signal processing and Edge AI. He has been a team lead for a number of communications, audio and Edge AI projects. Part of this work has been in partnership with Arm to evaluate and utilise the new U55 hardware and tools.

Additional areas of research interest include remote sensing, computer vision, and computer architecture. Brendan has a demonstrated record of developing low power, high performance embedded systems for clients ranging from start-ups to multinationals.