The Pathway to Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

We joined industry experts to discuss the steps needed to make Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) a reality. This webinar explores topics such as requirements for ground and air infrastructure, costs, regulations, public acceptance and more.


  • Christopher Bourbeau, Vice President, North America Aerospace, Cambridge Consultants
  • Milton Lopez, Chief Designer, SkyGrid
  • Stas Mozolyuk, CEO, Avision, Inc.
  • Lisa Peterson, VP of Business Development, Airspace Link
  • Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst, Commercial UAV News (moderator)

Watch the webinar on demand here


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Chris Bourbeau
Christopher Bourbeau
VP of North America Aerospace

Chris helps companies achieve complex breakthroughs through the intersection of innovation, end-user requirements, and commercial opportunity. He has 25 years+ of defence and commercial aerospace experience; from serving on the front-line of land, air, sea, and space, to developing business strategies for major companies. Chris holds an MBA and BSc in Technology Information Systems Management.

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