Private 5G offers many benefits for utilities. Combined with sensing and artificial intelligence, 5G will drive new business value, creating vast efficiencies and opening new revenues.

This has sparked an influx of investment, demonstrated best by the many utilities winning 3.5GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum in the recent FCC auction. However, building a Private 5G network is complex, expensive and has many pitfalls. So, where do you start?

What technology is available now and how do you get maximum ROI? How do you integrate seamlessly with legacy endpoints and protect your data against outside threats?

This webinar addresses these questions, helping utility companies understand the commercial opportunities of Private 5G and offer practical advice on selecting the right technology and building secure and resilient networks.    

During this webinar you will learn:

  • A 5G technology review – what is available and how this compares to LTE
  • Opportunities of Private 5G Networks – from smart grids and digital twins, to automated visual inspection from drones
  • Making 5G work for you – how to customize 5G to your specific needs
  • End-node innovation - how to modernize legacy assets and how to create the AI-powered connected devices of the future
  • Making networks secure – how to approach cyber-security and protect your data

The webinar will be of value to anyone within a utility that is exploring or actively planning 5G deployments and digital transformation programs. The insights we share are based on our many years of developing cellular technology and deploying private networks for some of the industry’s leading companies.


  • Jacob Reeb, VP of Wireless and Digital Services, Cambridge Consultants 
  • Dr. Mat Gilbert, Director of Engineering, Cambridge Consultants

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Jacob Reeb Cambridge Consultants
Jacob Reeb
VP of Wireless and Digital Services

Jacob works with ambitious organizations to help realize their innovation initiatives, providing strategic guidance and creating breakthrough technology to secure competitive advantage. Jacob has held a range of leadership roles during 15 years at the bleeding edge of IoT and digital transformation, including at Accenture, Digi International and Arity. He holds deep technical knowledge in the major pillars of connected ecosystems. In working at Cambridge Consultants, he represents one of the largest independent wireless engineering teams in the world.

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