This whitepaper proposes the concept of ‘evolved intent-based networks (IBN)’, which utilises pervasive intelligence from across an entire communications network to automate and simplify network configuration and optimisation.

This concept comes at a time where incessant demand for high performance connectivity across industries has left it struggling to scale up and handle the increasing levels of configuration and adaption required. Something has to give. We believe tough industry challenges demand bold, ingenious solutions – which is certainly the case here.

IBN in its conventional form is a known software-enabled process that configures infrastructure on the basis of a business intent. This method of network administration incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and network orchestration to automate administrative tasks from a centralised point on a network.

The problem with this centralised approach is that it does not draw on intelligence from all the devices or nodes that are connected to the network. Our concept of evolved IBN, on the other hand, does just that – utilising pervasive intelligence from across the entire network.

This means it can deliver truly holistic and comprehensive network administration to simplify the creation, management and enforcement of network policies, significantly reducing manual tasks.

The ability to flexibly initiate evolved IBN to address a specific business need – and for the end customer to have complete confidence that a specific service and experience level will be delivered – is transformative. In this paper we outline why IBN is attainable and identify those who can benefit from the commercial opportunities it offers.

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Ram Naidu
Senior Vice President, AI

Ram Naidu is Senior Vice President, AI at Cambridge Consultants, part of Capgemini Invent. He has an exceptional record of leadership bringing world-class AI powered innovations to market. Ram’s passion is inspiring and mentoring teams that are dedicated to solving tough problems and building great products and services.

With an MBA from Questrom School of Business and PhD from Boston University College of Engineering, he has significant expertise in product strategy and commercialization, innovation management, and AI.

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