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Low adherence to therapy is a recognized issue in respiratory disease and has driven the development of electronic sensors for monitoring inhaler use. To date, sensors for dry powder inhalers (DPIs) have been developed as reusable units which must be clipped onto each inhaler device, thereby presenting additional use steps for patients. The electronic Breezhaler® is a capsule-based, single unit dose dry powder inhaler with integrated electronics to monitor device usage. Handling and drug delivery performance have been shown to be equivalent to that of the marketed Breezhaler® device, and the appearance is very similar. Further, the integrated sensor technology also provides an indication of inhalation technique which is anticipated to have additional value, for instance, in a training setting.

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Adding Electronics to the Breezhaler(R): Satisfying the Needs of Patients and Regulators, Colthorpe P, Pavkov R, Rozenman Y, Humby C, Respiratory Drug Delivery 2018. Volume 1, 2018: 71-80

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Vangelis Papagrigoriou
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