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We’re looking for passionate students and graduates with entrepreneurial minds who want to excel in a supportive, diverse environment.    

"There's such a breadth of knowledge from so many different people you can gain knowledge in different skillsets you didn't even know existed."

Zach Cater, Mechanical Engineering Intern, Integrated Mechanical Systems

Tech Scholar opportunities

Are you interested in science, technology or engineering? Are you interested in taking a gap year to experience the working world before starting university?

Early career opportunities

Each year for one week in August, we welcome a collection of passionate students from years 10 – 13 to our Cambridge office to gain hands on experience.

If you’re interested in the day to day life of a corporate role, or a curious STEM student who wants to help develop a piece of tech, then please complete the application below for the role you’re most interested in and send to

School / college students

Our coveted technology scholarships give exceptional UK A-level students the chance to spend a year with us before university. You’ll get paid to deliver real projects for real clients.

During your studies you’ll receive a generous bursary, plus guaranteed paid work every summer. And once you’ve finished your degree, there are no strings attached: we offer our best ‘tech scholars’ a permanent position, but there’s no obligation to stay with us.

We are now recruiting tech scholar positions across our Embedded Software and Digital Signal Processing groups, with further positions becoming available across the coming weeks.


We also offer paid internships to university students for 12 months as part of your degree.

Interns gain invaluable hands-on experience by working on real projects. It’s also a chance to show us what you can do – and may lead to a full-time job after graduation.


When we hire graduates, we want them to get straight into doing what they’re good at, not spend two years being passed from one department to another.

As a graduate, you’ll play to your strengths as a trusted member of the team and we’ll support you every step of the way.

Applying to CC

We receive thousands of applications every year. So, make sure you stand out: do your homework and carefully demonstrate how your skills match the role.

Top tips

Do your research
Get to know who we are and what we’re about.

Your passions matter
Include your hobbies and interests – we care about who you are and not just what you're studying.

Don’t make assumptions
Don’t assume we know anything about the course you’re studying: list your modules and projects.

Answer each question fully & accurately
Thoroughly check grammar and spelling, and ask someone else to proofread your application.

Include dates
We need to know when you started university and when you graduated, or are due to graduate. 

The process

Our selection process is famously rigorous. If we make you an offer it’s because we know you’re ready.

We’re proud of our fair and consistent approach to hiring. Find out what to expect during the application and interview process.

Choose your own path

This is a vibrant, expanding company engaged in a huge variety of projects, which means you’ll have an unparalleled opportunity to take your career in the direction you choose.

You'll get all the support, advice and training you need to realise your full potential, including your own personal mentor, a tailored training and development plan and a clear promotional path.    

The learning curve is steep but there's such a supportive and friendly group of people and it's an exciting challenge. There's a genuine focus on giving you work that you'll really enjoy - allowing you to focus on what you're interested in. This is rare and makes CC quite special.
Georgie Logan
Graduate Software Engineer