AI and machine learning will impact every aspect of telecommunications - neither hype or concerns should be ignored. The fact the sector is highly digitalised and driven by strong competition will result in it being an AI pioneer, driving significant value across the supply chain.

This was the subject of our recent webinar - How AI will transform telecoms - which can be watched by completing the form below.

Watch the webinar on-demand to hear AI experts discuss:

  • New opportunities in AI – the machine learning techniques that are redefining the art of the possible and how these can be leveraged
  • Managing the data explosion - how AI can extract new levels of intelligence from big data, bringing unprecedented value for carriers and their customers
  • Improving infrastructure efficiency - how AI can learn traffic patterns, dynamically serve QoS and maximise network resources
  • Revolutionising customer care - how AI can proactively resolve pain points and provide more personalise customer offers

I am joined on the webinar by James Blackman (Editor at Enterprise IoT Insights) and Monty Barlow (Head of AI at Cambridge Consultants).

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Dr. Derek Long
Head of Telecommunications

Derek leads our collaboration within the telecoms and mobile sector, helping create breakthrough innovations that transforms the delivery of high-performance communication - for mobile carriers and ISPs to vendors and component manufacturers. With over 20 years’ experience in mobile technology, Derek has held a range senior management roles with multinationals and has a wealth of expertise across all generations of mobile and broadband technology, including LTE-A and 5G. Derek holds a PhD in telecommunications from the University of Bristol.


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