Consumers and brands alike benefit from natural UI, as evidenced by the success of Alexa and Google Assistant. But how can you leverage this technology to differentiate your products, create new markets and strengthen your brand in the crowded field of Alexa-enabled devices?

In this webinar, we discuss the consumer pull for natural UI and the opportunities for forward-thinking brands. From speech and gesture recognition to contextual awareness, we’ll discuss new technologies and what it means to bring them to market. We’ll also explore the vast space still available for brands to lead the transformation of how we interact with the technology around us.


  • Edward Brunner
  • Jake Sprouse
  • Robin Ferraby

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Edd Brunner
Head of Asia Industrial & Consumer Business

Edd is responsible for all our work in the food and beverage market. This includes understanding our clients' needs, reviewing projects and ensuring that we constantly meets our clients' commercial and technical requirements.