Event | The Virtual AI Summit Silicon Valley 2020
Speaker | Tim Ensor, Director of AI, Cambridge Consultants

The AI renaissance: why it’s taken off and where it’s going

The AI Summit is the world’s first and largest conference and exhibition to look at the practical implications of AI for enterprise organizations that are set to transform business productivity. 

Tim Ensor, Director of AI, opened the main stage of the summit on day one, before chairing a world-class speaker line-up.

Forward-thinking businesses are now developing their own unique strains of AI innovation.

This has led to ground-breaking proofs-of-concepts - but how do you make the leap to the next level?

In this presentation, Tim Ensor explains how to scale successful AI strategies and the future machine learning innovations that will revolutionize industry.

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Tim Ensor
Commercial Director

Tim works with clients across many sectors to help them achieve business impact with world-changing technology innovation. Tim has had a string of commercial leadership roles focused on innovation in fields including telecoms, logistics and energy and working with world-leading AI, robotics and connectivity technology. He's an electronic engineer, Cambridge MBA and optimistic about using technology to make the world better.

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