Total Telecom Congress brings together business leaders to reimagine the global telecoms industry. The event explores the evolution of telco business models in the digital age, highlights emerging products and services delivering new revenue streams and discusses strategies to capitalize on cutting-edge technology.

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Panel: Building the sustainable telco

Date | 26 October 2021
Time | 11:20 BST
Location | Telecoms for good track
Panellist | Alexandra Rehak, Associate Director of Technology Strategy, Cambridge Consultants

Alexandra will join a panel of experts from across the telecoms world to discuss:

  • Defining what ‘sustainability’ means to your organisation
  • What priority areas should a telco’s sustainability strategy cover?
  • Environmental considerations: mitigating the impact of telecom infrastructure deployments on the environment
  • Working towards a carbon neutral future

The invisible 5G networks of the future

Date | 26 October 2021
Time | 12:00 BST
Location | 5G track
Speaker | Dr Derek Long, Head of Telecoms and Mobile, Cambridge Consultants

New materials are opening the door to transparent phased array antennas and unlocking a host of new 5G use cases. This will facilitate two major cellular trends – the use of spatial multiplexing for high-capacity smart antenna arrays and shrinking cell sizes to overcome propagation challenges and to increase capacity.

Derek will unveil new research and the path to development for transparent dual-layer phased array antennas, concentrating on the use of advanced new materials that minimize the visual impact of small cell base stations for private and residential networks.

This innovation paves the way to the integration of small cell infrastructure with vastly reduced visual pollution and will accelerate a host of valuable new 5G use cases.


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