Across the globe, technology innovation is advancing at a rapid pace. 5G is creating a new era of connected businesses, AI is allowing machines to make intelligent decisions, whilst digital service platforms are helping businesses exploit new revenue models and expand into lucrative markets. Innovation is essential for companies to maintain their competitive advantage through differentiation.

On the other hand, because technology is evolving day by day, we face questions such as what kind of technology should be invested in, what kind of skills should be built in new technology fields, how to generate the maximum business impact by innovation, etc. The challenges are endless.

In this webinar, Paul Beastall, Director of Technology Strategy at Cambridge Consultants, will present to answer these challenges.  In addition, Mr. Tomoya Arai of NEC Corporation will be invited as a guest speaker to give a presentation. In the latter half of the webinar, we will deepen the discussion through a panel discussion.

Creating future businesses - competitive advantage created by 5G and innovation

Date | 21 July 2021
Time | 07:00-08:30 (BST) / 15:00-16:30 (JST)
Languages | Japanese / English (simultaneous interpretation to be provided)

Speaker Kenichi Suzuki, VP, Wireless & Digital Services, Cambridge Consultants 

Presentation 1: Using connectivity and intelligence to break ahead
Speaker Paul Beastall, Director of Technology Strategy, Cambridge Consultants / Member of the UK5G Advisory Board

Cambridge Consultants works with clients across the world, helping them use technological innovation to gain competitive advantage and deliver long-term value. We work in partnership with our clients, whilst also investing to ensure we are experts in the latest technologies. One of our key focus areas is the combination of connectivity with algorithms and intelligence to deliver new services to market. Working with clients such as Ocado Technologies and Hitachi, we help client teams deliver new solutions and enable new revenue streams.

Presentation 2: NEC’s local 5G business toward digital transformation 
Speaker Mr. Tomoya Arai, Director of New Business Promotion HQ, NEC Corporation

As society and industry are working toward DX, the role of networks that connect various devices and data is becoming more important. NEC has received voices of people’s expectations for 5G and local 5G. In this webinar, I will introduce various networks including local 5G, digital transformation realized by utilizing various technologies such as edge AI and video analysis, and the social value created from them.

Panel Discussion: Toward the spread of local 5G that accelerates DX

  • Things to consider when deploying
  • Challenges in specific system development
  • Industry collaboration
  • What role does AI and machine learning play in local 5G?


  • Mr. Tomoya Arai, Director of New Business Promotion HQ, NEC Corporation
  • Paul Beastall, Director of Technology Strategy, Cambridge Consultants / Member of the UK5G Advisory Board
  • Kenichi Suzuki, VP, Wireless & Digital Services, Cambridge Consultants (moderator)

Speaker Kenichi Suzuki, VP, Wireless & Digital Services, Cambridge Consultants


Speaker profiles:

Mr. Tomoya Arai
Joined NEC in 1997 as a software engineer and has engaged in product development, solution development, and business planning for telecommunications carriers. Currently, he is in charge of business development of private network related services including local 5G and next-generation network strategy for "Beyond 5G / 6G" at the NEC New Business Promotion HQs.

Paul Beastall
Paul leads the digital service and technology strategy teams within Cambridge Consultants. With more than 20 years’ experience in wireless and fixed broadband networking, Paul has led a range of projects for operators, product development organisations and government departments.

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