Event | AI Summit London 2021
Speaker | Tim Ensor, Director of AI, Cambridge Consultants

Tim Ensor, Director of AI, opened the headline stage at the AI Summit London 2021 with a review of the most notable AI breakthroughs that have been accomplished in the past year and a recognition of just how hard achieving this level of innovation can be.

Understanding these challenges provides an opportunity to rethink AI investments and significantly increase the impact they can have on businesses.

By applying design thinking, Tim showed, with concrete examples, what this means and how we can help each other achieve success with AI.  


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Tim Ensor
Commercial Director

Tim works with clients across many sectors to help them achieve business impact with world-changing technology innovation. Tim has had a string of commercial leadership roles focused on innovation in fields including telecoms, logistics and energy and working with world-leading AI, robotics and connectivity technology. He's an electronic engineer, Cambridge MBA and optimistic about using technology to make the world better.

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