When you work with us, we won’t be imagining the future, we’ll be changing it - together

We believe that unconstrained thinking can help you create the future you want through radical, new-to-the-world innovation. If you have the ambition, then we can help overcome your toughest business challenges.

Your powerhouse of innovation

We are a true innovation consultancy. We take your business challenges and apply twin lenses of innovation strategy and innovation delivery, enabled by deep multidisciplinary resources and advanced technology expertise.

We understand what you are trying to achieve and why. Critically, we also understand how to get you there. 

With unconstrained thinking, we'll help you seize the future

Changing your business

Changing your business

Our global team of 800+ scientists, technologists, designers and consultants excel in understanding breakthrough innovation. They routinely deal in high stake, high reward projects. Many of which address pressing global imperatives such as health security, food security, digital security, the drive to net zero and a sustainable future for the planet.

And because we invest in strategic technology five to 10 years ahead of the innovation curve, we can create solutions that have unique and lasting business impact. 

For enterprise

For enterprise

You’ll benefit from our unique 60-year experience of working with the world’s blue-chip c-suite to deliver original products and services that create market leaders.

• Robust feasibility analysis to establish what’s possible, minimise risk and provide greater budget and timescale confidence
• Fast and reliable realisation for projects through our honed development, test, NPI and supply chain processes
• Comprehensive support of designs into operation to minimise problems during launch and ongoing evolution and enhancement throughout the lifecycle
• Novel intellectual property that gives long-lasting business return

For start-ups

For start-ups

We champion true innovation. We work with the world’s most ambitious start-ups and venture ecosystems to help create market-defining, businesses.

• World class R&D capability and processes with proven, robust and agile methods to augment your team
• Creation of true business value through highly defensible innovation
• Early-stage Founders: Deep technical expertise, focused advice, risk-based approach, industry connections, execution planning and credibility to support fundraising
• For late-stage Founders: Reliable lab to market experience, deep and broad technical expertise 

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