The stars are aligning for the transformation of the communications network. The opportunities offered by the O-RAN RIC are combining with advances in AI to enhance the automation of network optimisation.

The upshot will be maximised service performance and heightened user experience for consumers and enterprise users which will allow immersive services and advanced industrial applications to flourish.

In this O-RAN white paper, we explore – and answer – today’s crucial question and highlight on of the most exciting AI use cases in telecoms. How can automation overcome the complexity of O-RAN networks to deliver this broad set of high-performance use cases?

The O-RAN white paper in summary

The paper focuses on three take aways:

  • O-RAN RIC and AI are the keys to automating network optimisation that will maximise service performance and transform user experience
  • The resulting improvements will drive network cost reduction, efficient energy consumption and generate new service revenues – without invading user privacy
  • Distinctive offerings will be created from standard telecoms equipment by integrating wider data sources with low level network data – but will require vendors with deep experience in service design, data mining, AI and the RAN

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Dr Derek Long
SVP of Telecommunications

Derek leads our collaboration within the telecoms and mobile sector, helping create breakthrough innovations that transforms the delivery of high-performance communication - for mobile carriers and ISPs to vendors and component manufacturers. With over 20 years’ experience in mobile technology, Derek has held a range senior management roles with multinationals and has a wealth of expertise across all generations of mobile and broadband technology, including LTE-A and 5G. Derek holds a PhD in telecommunications from the University of Bristol.

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Dr Maya Dillon
Head of AI, EMEA

Dr Maya Dillon has a love for science and technology, and its application in augmenting human ingenuity and empowering the world. She has a had a varied career; from astrophysics to running her own business as an executive coach to working as a data scientist and AI specialist before finding her platform at Cambridge Consultants. Her experience is a vibrant mix of academia, entrepreneurial work with start-ups and multi-national corporates.

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Tim Rogers
Tim Rogers
Director of Wireless Technology

Tim holds over 25 years’ experience of leading large teams to architect complex wireless systems, with a current focus on satellite systems and applying AI techniques to enhance telecommunication networks. While his focus is on innovative technologies, Tim works closely with client leadership teams to select the right solution for the problem at hand. Before CC, Tim worked for many mobile broadband silicon vendors bringing leading edge technology to market. 

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Paolo Gatto
Paolo Gatto
Senior Consultant

Paolo is an experienced real-time embedded software engineering lead and has been helping clients achieve their ambitions by designing and delivering technical innovations for a wide range of applications in numerous sectors.