XAP® processors are low energy, low cost and low risk portable IP cores for ICs (Integrated Circuits) and FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays).

Efficient processing solutions are needed if modern chip designs are to meet the market's performance and cost requirements. Advances in semiconductor fabrication using deep sub-micron processes create new opportunities for high performance, low cost and low energy products.

System-on-chip designers can deliver the best solutions on these processes using our XAP® processor cores. XAP processors minimise the size of program and data memories, which is key to achieving a small die area with low cost and energy consumption, particularly when memory is embedded on-chip (SoC) or integrated in the same package (SiP)    


The XAP family of processors is optimised for low energy, low cost and easy verification. It is easy to design and verify chips that contain multiple XAP cores.

Our XAP® processor cores are Von Neumann RISC processors, combining high code density and excellent performance with simplicity of memory system design. Clearly defined software operating modes support modern RTOS features and provide an efficient and secure application platform.

Designers have a choice of processors. 
Bus width: 16-bit
Max memory: 64 kB
DMIPS/MHz: 0.95
Pipeline stages: 2
Gates: 12k
Bus width: 16-bit
Max memory: 16 MB
DMIPS/MHz: 0.93
Pipeline stages: 2
Gates: 18k
Bus width: 32-bit
Max memory: 4 GB
DMIPS/MHz: 1.36
Pipeline stages: 3
Gates: 30k
XAP processors provide a complete execution platform for programs, typically written in the C language, using 8, 16 or 32-bit data types with library support for longer integers and floating point data. Their modern instruction set architecture delivers high performance and industry-leading code density, thereby minimising memory size, silicon cost and energy consumption.

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