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    Cambridge Consultants is growing. Join us and be part of something exceptional.


Cambridge Consultants is growing. Join us and be part of something exceptional

We want engineers, scientists, mathematicians, designers, developers, project managers, administrators… We want people with brains, imagination and ambition. We want brilliant individuals looking for a place where their abilities will be recognised.

That place is Cambridge Consultants. We realised a long time ago that the best way to sustain our success is to give talented people the environment they need to excel. So that’s what we do.

That means constant challenge and variety, the freedom to chart your own career path, great benefits and a culture of trust, respect and support.

  • UK vacancies

    Current jobs based at our offices in Cambridge, UK

  • US openings

    Current jobs based at our offices in Boston, MA

  • Life @ CC

    Discover what makes Cambridge Consultants a fascinating, fulfilling and fun place to be

  • Meet our people

    Just a few of the brilliant, original people who help to power Cambridge Consultants

  • Variety & opportunity

    We tackle over 300 diverse and challenging projects a year, drawing on every scientific and creative discipline

  • Develop your career

    Pursue the projects that interest you most and construct the kind of career that you want

  • Culture & values

    Individuality, respect for each other’s abilities and the drive to do great work are central to our ethos

  • Graduates, students & interns

    We throw graduates and interns straight into exciting projects and award generous scholarships

  • Applying to work at CC

    What to expect when you apply to join the team at Cambridge Consultants