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Forge your own path and set your own direction. That’s our promise to experienced professionals’ intent on propelling their career at Cambridge Consultants.

We promote on merit and provide opportunities for you to develop your skills and to gain experience exploring fresh and exciting areas. At CC you shape your own journey.

CC is a vibrant, expanding deep tech company, striving to solve the unsolvable and regularly delivering astonishing technological breakthroughs. You’ll enjoy a diverse range of projects, sectors and subject areas. Rather than working with a single client, you’ll collaborate with many – including some of the world’s biggest brands and most radical start-ups.

If you share our vision of a future unconstrained by current thinking, get in touch. Together we can help solve the world’s most complex engineering, technology and design problems. And make a significant difference to people, business and the planet.

Careers at CC


We have a broad range of disciplines – and opportunities – that allow our engineers, scientists, analysts and many others make an impact at the bleeding edge of innovation.

The growth path for technologists can sometimes be unclear within consultancies. So to provide clarity, we’ve created an environment that allows you to grow and diversify while preserving your primary passion for technology.


CC’s commercial teams identify potential clients and scope project opportunities, while defining and executing strategies to implement cutting edge concepts. As our first point of contact with prospective clients, we need the right blend of commercial acumen with technical domain knowledge.

Once on board, you’ll be identifying opportunities and sharing the responsibility for project delivery, collaborating with world-class technology experts across different specialities and regions.

Programme management

From the outset, PMs at CC work directly with our clients – alongside business developers and technical authorities – to turn technology challenges into bold solutions.

You’ll enjoy variety and responsibility as you help navigate the path to success. Often, you’ll be asked to embark on an initiative where the outcome has yet to be defined – and success cannot be guaranteed. High risk, high reward is the nature of much of what we do.

There’s no such thing as a typical project. An ambitious start-up will have different expectations from a multinational. The scope might range from strategic advice to new product introduction and everything in between. The key is to be resourceful, confident in your ability and ready to step-up to each new challenge as your experience grows.

Advisory services

Working directly with clients across a range of sectors, our teams provide strategic technical support, define market opportunities and help shape specific technology solutions.

Responsibilities are diverse. You might be helping clients analyse their business processes or running workshops to identify areas for maximum commercial return and the most positive environmental impact.


CC’s purpose is to make a difference to business, people and the planet. That would be impossible without the central business functions that underpin everything. Highly motivated professionals collaborate closely with our technical divisions and apply the skills, experience and imagination that critical operational decisions demand.

Culturally, we strive to ensure that all colleagues embody our collaborative and innovative spirit – and a shared commitment to supporting the core functions and strategy of the business.

Some roles in the corporate division directly align with our deep tech capabilities while others focus on the journey and development of our colleagues. Whether you’re a HR professional, marketing executive or financial accountant, there are many career paths that will allow you to flourish.


Our design capabilities are extensive. Colleagues specialise in a range of disciplines, from industrial, product and UX design to packaging, graphics, information and more. An extra buzz comes from the opportunity to join a wider community of passionate, forward-thinking scientists, engineers and technologists.

You might be working at the core of a project team to create compelling concept visions – and helping technical colleagues transform them into reality. We’re proud to say that a designer’s input is always valued and often drives key technical decisions.

A user-centred design approach is part of our DNA. In all aspects of design, be if physical or digital, a holistic solution founded on a cohesive user experience is the best way to meet the most ambitious client goals.

Application process

To help you preparewe’ve created a short video animation of the application process. It explains our location and what to expect when you visit our offices.

If you still have questions, please get in touch with a member of the recruitment team. They’ll be happy to hear from you.

Meet our people

Vicky Larmour

“Highlights? Right at the top of the list has to be the people. They are unfailingly helpful, funny, kind, clever and awesome. Next would be the technical challenges I’ve solved during my lengthy and varied career – everything from the very first mobile phone pizza delivery system, through to heart monitors and communications satellites. Finally, the fact that I’ve been able to grow my career in the direction I wanted!”

Edd Brunner

“I’ve had the opportunity to take many different roles across technical, project management and commercial fields – always giving me fresh challenges and new things to learn. When we started our Asia business, I seized the opportunity to learn and adapt to new cultures and business challenges. I’ve moved to Singapore to fully focus on the brilliant opportunities in the region.”

Colin Prior
Programme management

“As a project manager I’ve relished a diverse range of projects. Clients vary from small start-ups to huge multinationals covering many market sectors and technologies. This makes for great variety and has always kept me on my toes. I feel extremely lucky knowing that my colleagues are the best at what they do – so when we come together, I know I have the strongest team available.”

Rachel Rakvica
Advisory services

“I love that I get to work on the toughest challenges, to creatively innovate at the intersection of technical, market, customer and business needs. We embark on projects that are often the first of their kind, and at CC you’ll never hear ‘that’ll never work’. It’s that mindset that allows us to open new possibilities for our clients to disrupt their markets, transform their businesses and improve people’s lives.”

Leslie Wilkes

“My colleagues are the brightest and most talented individuals that I’ve had the opportunity to work with. The resulting community here I think brings out our best qualities – to work hard and to do your best work, and to be recognised for your unique contribution.”

Harry Moorman

“Since joining as an intern, I’ve enjoyed a diverse range of challenges that have expanded my skills and enabled me to make a meaningful impact. No two projects are the same. I’ve collaborated with global pharmaceutical companies and start-ups, I’ve worked alongside hundreds of colleagues, from engineers to strategists, and I’ve designed novel products, including next-generation drug delivery devices.”

Career opportunities

Explore the opportunities we have available and help solve the world’s most complex engineering, technology and design problems.

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