The world’s evolving infrastructure systems face hurdles, threats and opportunities. Labour shortages and challenges in replacing vital expertise both demand increased automation. Improving safety and efficiency while reducing climate impact from infrastructure are key targets for deep tech innovation.

The rapid evolution of digital and sensing technologies promises to enhance safety, boost economic value and mitigate climate impacts while also ensuring equity in delivery and use of infrastructure resources. Embracing the potential requires a digital infrastructure that can provide accessibility, interoperability and be flexible and adaptable to technologies that evolve more rapidly than the physical infrastructure they will operate alongside.

What we do

Automation to autonomy

Industry is increasingly embracing the journey from automation to autonomy, but is in varying stages of maturity. Mature sections like logistics and warehousing are looking to extend into full autonomy, while smart cities and construction has for several reasons struggled to embrace the benefits up to this point.

We are ready to help you seize the day by accelerating the adoption of smart infrastructure technologies. The CC team offers multidisciplinary capabilities and expertise across sensor and data fusion, robotics, simulated environments, AI, technical strategy and business model innovation.

Data insight

The power of IoT and increasing penetration of public and private 5G networks mean that the cost of data acquisition – both financial and operational – is falling. But gathering data is one thing. Sorting and prioritising it is the key to developing the necessary insight that leads to the ability to react quickly. CC’s technology consultants have deep expertise in understanding and augmenting sensor systems, fusing sources to reduce cost, improve quality and reduce latency in data gathering.​

Alongside data acquisition, our skills in processing information through algorithms or edge AI can improve reaction speed, reduce data transfer volumes to overcome connectivity or latency challenges and provide robust offline solutions to enhance productivity, safety and even enable alternative approaches to business.

Simulated environments

The ability to simulate environments and use cases with sufficient equivalence to real world situations is enormously powerful. Simulation can significantly reduce the cost and time of developing autonomous capabilities for smart infrastructure. It hastens the understanding of the critical parameters of a system and allows edge cases to be investigated.

We have a track record in developing cutting edge simulation capabilities and applying these to a range of different applications and market sectors. We use our skills to rapidly develop and test sensors and algorithms and explore rare or hazardous use cases within the simulated environment, reducing the need for expensive and time-consuming real-world tests and trials and adding the potential for predictive capability to digital twins.


Dynamic working environments such as construction sites create significant challenges for autonomous vehicles. Currently, autonomous vehicles making slow progress and freeze regularly. This is less than ideal for a seamless working process.

We’ve developed novel approaches to navigation by pairing sophisticated algorithms, trained with data from both real life and simulated environments, with cost effective sensor and data fusion techniques. This creates a more dynamic capability, able to adapt and navigate in a more intuitive way which not only improves performance but also helps workers or other vehicles interact and function alongside each other.

Digital security

In the world of smart infrastructure, assets are often widely accessible and in-situ for long periods. This means solutions must have a future-proof digital security approach. In some long-term deployment cases, inevitable impact of quantum computing must be considered. Holistic thinking – where the entire ecosystem and potential use cases are understood – is vital to ensure that all areas are considered and protected​.

We have a deep expertise in developing secure systems, engaging early in the design process to deliver the assurance and governance needed. We’ll work with you through the process of balancing cost, security and ease-of use. ​Our intention is to make security a differentiator for businesses while achieving better security and increased confidence in it.

Strategic advice

The route of an automation journey is often initially unclear. Significant advantages are often expected but with so many different starting points, working out the best first step requires careful consideration. Our strategic advice will help you match your business needs with the right technical solutions for your industry sector.

Leveraging our in-house technical delivery expertise, we’ll create a strong vision of the future that is backed by sound technical knowledge of the art of the possible. This will enable buy-in at all stakeholder levels, enabling a strategic approach to the impact of adopting the technology, be it in business model changes or go-to-market strategy. It will also inform a technical roadmap for the short and medium term that will deliver return on investment against your goals.

Featured insights

Our expertise

CC has a deep understanding of AI and its applications, including Bayesian inference, real-time signal processing and data analysis combined with extensive technical skills in areas such as predictive analytics, deep learning, edge AI and empathetic AI.

We are pushing the boundaries of the human-machine interface to develop edge AI use cases, generative AI models, new supervised machine learning models and types of data analytics.

Our work is unlocking new frontiers in areas such as uncrewed aerial vehicles, synthetic biology, remote monitoring systems, telecoms and beyond.

We have the world’s largest independent wireless development team. It spans radio frequency, communications protocol, digital signal processing, power-optimised analogue and digital electronic design, embedded software, user experience and mechanical design.

Our consultancy expertise has led to the creation and development of several major wireless technologies and delivered a steady stream of disruptive breakthroughs. They include RF and satellite telecommunications to the world’s first wireless pacemaker and the ground-to-air radio system that controls more than 50% of the world’s air traffic.

Digital security can become a business differentiator by using the latest technology to create customer trust and loyalty in your product and connected services.

Our expertise has been applied widely: to create wearables enabling new customer experiences; to empower new vehicle fleet management business models; and to allow pharmaceutical products to be authenticated in front of the consumer, so gaining their trust.

We solve the security challenges that are critical to ensure the continual and safe operation of your businesses. The advice we give is based upon a 20-year heritage of understanding precisely what security technology can achieve. This ensures that the right investment decisions are made to reduce security risk.

We specialise in developing robotics in areas that have not traditionally been automated or, in some cases, where automation was not even considered possible.

This requires more than just robotics expertise. Our experience in novel sensor technology, machine vision and AI are equally critical to automating ’semi-structured’ tasks – tasks that are clearly defined yet not purely repetitive. For example, as opposed to a robot that will pick all the apples on a tree, we might design a robot that picks only the ripe ones.

We draw on a wealth of experience when addressing each new challenge, having created robotic solutions across a range of industries, including industrial, consumer, agricultural and medical.

At CC we are the leading the way in intelligent simulation tools, offering a comprehensive suite of services for testing autonomous systems.

Our unique approach utilises synthetic data to create tailored operational environments, run AI algorithms and evaluate sensor performance.

This advanced simulation offers numerous benefits, including the potential for up to 95% reduction in data collection costs, accelerated product development, improved safety and scenario testing.

Our facilities

Digital lab

With one petabyte local storage and specialised hardware for telecoms chassis design, machine learning development and more, this facility allows us to develop, test and operate new cloud-ready digital services rapidly in a secure environment.

It enables rapid end-to-end prototyping and experimentation of sensitive concepts. We work across the full spectrum of cloud service providers, supporting both public and private infrastructures.

Development and test laboratories

We have 100,000sq ft of laboratories spread across the UK and United States, which includes electronic production, fabrication and low-volume production capability.

There are medical laboratories specifically equipped for analytical testing of drug delivery devices, from prototype development to design verification. Our climate-controlled labs feature laser diffraction, high-speed video, in-vitro test equipment, metrology, microscopy and force test equipment.

AI infrastructure

CC’s comprehensive onsite compute infrastructure allows us to explore options and train and test models more rapidly to get better results.

We run petaflop-scale, containerised compute on site, with multiple NVIDIA DGX-1 deep learning supercomputers and other GPU and FPGA-accelerated servers. This links to petabyte-scale local NetApp storage, project-specific cloud and our continuous integration systems.

Autonomous vehicle simulator

This powerful asset will help you evaluate and validate advanced sensors and algorithms, including next generation radar and LiDAR.

The ability to assess safety and performance without expensive testing and physical data collection vastly accelerates product development for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers.

The simulator uses synthetic sensor data to run high throughput validation of perception, planning, prediction and control algorithm designs and evaluate proposed sensor suites.

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