90% are engineers, technologists, designers, scientists and consultants.


Supported from offices in Cambridge, Boston, Singapore and Tokyo.


As part of our world-class design and development facilities.


Solving technology challenges and creating new products and services.

Spin-out ventures

Including three of Cambridge’s billion-dollar companies.


Creating intellectual property assets for clients and £bns in value.

It’s time to get the future you want — with the power of deep tech

Our services

Innovation strategy

We can provide insight into how technology will disrupt a market and provide clients with an innovation roadmap to transform their business. We’ve developed processes and tools that minimise the time to create breakthrough ideas, allowing our clients to stand out in their markets.

Concept feasibility

Market-leading breakthroughs don’t happen by accident. We apply a combination of creativity and science-led design to ensure products and services reach their full potential. Our robust feasibility analysis establishes what’s possible, minimises risk and provides greater budget and timescale confidence.

Product development

Once a design is agreed, every day it’s not on the market is a day of lost revenue. We’ve honed our development, test, production and supply chain processes to provide fast and reliable project realisation.

Support and operational service

The development of a new product or service is just the start of its life. We provide comprehensive support for new product introduction to minimise problems during launch – and then help our clients plan its ongoing evolution and enhancement throughout the lifecycle.

How we work

End-to-end service

We provide end-to-end support. Wherever you are in your development journey, we can help – from front-end strategy, through design and development, to post-launch support and enhancement.

Trusted partners

We work on a ‘fee for service’ basis and provide an ever-ready, on-demand capability – working as an extension of our clients’ own team. We take full responsibility for project delivery to achieve successful outcomes for our clients.

Complete delivery

Our goal is for our clients to grow as a result of using our services. So we don’t look to retain ownership of the output of our projects. Instead, we typically assign all intellectual property, designs and regulatory documentation to our clients.

Outsourcing made easy

We understand that outsourcing can be a daunting prospect. Over six decades, we’ve refined our working model with clients to make the journey as simple, pain-free and rewarding as possible.

Our service promise

We provide clarity

Comprehensive statements of work that clearly set out what we’ll do.

We take responsibility

We take full responsibility for managing our work and delivering results.

We’re solution agnostic

Being independent, we don’t promote particular technologies or manufacturing routes – just the best solution for the application.

We’re adaptable

We adopt your processes, documentation and tools where applicable, for simpler interworking and compliance.

We encourage knowledge transfer

We work with you as an integrated team to maximise the insight and skills you gain during the project.

The team you meet is the team you’ll get

We always look to deploy the team you’ve met and trust.

Our facilities

CC’s state-of-the-art R&D facilities, fully equipped labs, design offices and workshops enable us to deliver over 500 client projects each year. We have everything needed under one roof to take a product from initial concept to being production ready.

Cambridge Consultants is the deep tech powerhouse of Capgemini. We work with an ever-growing and diverse group of innovators and unconstrained thinkers, united by a passion to make a difference to business, people and the planet.

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