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Defence & Security

Development of secure, leading-edge systems for government and commercial clients

Defence and Security

At Cambridge Consultants we have been combining our skills in leading-edge commercial technology and product development with our experience in defence and security systems for the past fifty years. Our work spans the development of high performance sensing systems operating in challenging environments, through to addressing the ever increasing problem of managing and securing complex wireless and digital systems.

Our balance of skills covering a range of technologies, proven experience in fast-track product development, and in-house manufacturing facilities place us in a unique position to independently assess feasibility, develop proof-of-concept systems and finally transition these to deployable products and systems.

  • Detection systems
  • Location and tracking systems
  • Overt and covert communication systems
  • Secure system design
  • Technology and vulnerability assessment

Authentication and Brand Protection

Our systems level understanding and experience in vulnerability analysis means we are uniquely positioned to help you select, develop and implement the most effective overall anti-counterfeiting solution for your specific needs.

Whether you’re looking to introduce anti-counterfeit measures to protect the interface in a consumable-durable product, to develop a covert feature reader, to create a secure infrastructure involving communications, or to protect the integrity of a distributed authentication system, Cambridge Consultants has the capabilities to develop secure robust solutions to protect your products and profits.

  • Brand protection strategy
  • Authentication reader development
  • Distributed authentication and serialisation systems



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