Next-generation Explosive Ordnance Disposal for the British Army

“Designing REMIX called for some intuitive thinking and bold engineering. The finished product will have lasting benefits, not only for us but the wider defence community.”

Major Andrew Boyce RLC

EOD electronic counter measure and survivability requirements manager at DE&S

Working together to protect EOD operators

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams needed the capability to quickly identify potential explosive threats and detect chemical weapons to make safe and informed decisions upfront.

The remote-controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs) threat landscape is constantly evolving. We worked alongside a team from the UK Ministry of Defence’s Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) organisation to deliver a next generation system to support Explosive Ordnance Disposal for the British Army. The world-class hardware – REMIX – jams radio frequency (RF) signals to prevent RCIEDs from being detonated.

“REMIX is a shining example of SPCME’s commitment to collaborating with its stakeholder community to deliver innovative next generation capability to the front-line”

Matt Fowler

SPCME project manager

From concept to deployment

Developed by Cambridge Consultants for DE&S in partnership with the UK’s Defence Science & Technology Laboratory, REMIX can be used alongside other existing jamming capabilities to protect specialist EOD users in challenging operating conditions.

The initial research work was followed by proof of concept demonstrators using software manipulation of commercial hardware. Following the success of field trials, the DE&S Special Projects Counter Measures and Exploitation (SPCME) delivery team joined the project to develop and advance the system for deployment within the user community.

“REMIX has enabled us to think differently about the way in which we counter RCIEDs as well as filling a training gap. It is simple to use and fits in seamlessly alongside other electronic counter measure (ECM) equipment, keeping the ECM operator safe and allowing them to concentrate on other tasks.”

Rebecca Taylor

Warrant Officer Class II Yeoman of Signals (Electronic Warfare)

In service across varied operating conditions

Now in the field, REMIX is used on EOD operations, using a special algorithm to prevent the initiation of RCIEDs. Fitting the equipment is very user friendly, with only a few simple steps. If a fault occurs and further system information is required, REMIX can be connected to a general user interface with easy to follow relevant information.

REMIX can be used alongside other existing jamming capabilities to protect specialist EOD users in challenging operational conditions. Since achieving full operating capability in October 2019, a total of 34 systems and additional spares have been delivered to the Army and are now in service.

To read the full article please scroll to page 24 of the Ministry of Defence DE&S Desider magazine.

“Since its introduction, REMIX has seamlessly integrated with our existing capabilities. It is reliable and intuitive, and this gives our soldiers confidence in the operation of the equipment.”

Michael McCallum

British Army electronic counter measures advisor for the 521 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squadron, Staff Sergeant Yeoman of Signals (Electronic Warfare)

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