Deep tech innovation in telecoms and satellite is redefining connectivity – and promising transformative, defensible growth for ambitious business leaders. We’ll help you propel a new era of smart, efficient, powerful, sustainable networks… on earth and in space.

The value of deep tech

Deep tech is bold, breakthrough innovation that overcomes the toughest challenges to bring in the biggest rewards. It’s what we do here at CC.

The pursuit of deep tech creates huge growth opportunities for ambitious industry leaders, advancing connectivity far beyond what’s available today. Higher performance services, lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact all become a reality – as does serving new use cases, new markets, or locations that were previously impossible to reach.

How deep tech unlocks growth

What is deep tech innovation – and why is it so significant for ambitious business leaders in telecoms and satellite connectivity? In this video, CC Commercial Director Tim Ensor reveals why defendable, new-to-the-world solutions will point the way to long-term market leadership.

If you’re a technology company, service provider or an enterprise, the opportunity to unlock the sustainable growth that comes from defendable innovation that you own is immense, for both the good of your business and society.

High stakes, big rewards

Establishing a leadership position in new markets is complex. You’ll need to create and exploit emerging technology ahead of others, capitalise on a deep understanding of that market as it shifts and evolve business models.

The experts at CC are on hand to help you maximise business value from deep tech, from quantum, beamforming and AI to advanced compute and digital technologies.

How to achieve market leading connectivity

In a world where every connection holds boundless potential, deep tech innovation is revolutionising the telecoms and satellite industries. Stéphane Remy, CC’s Head of Connectivity, lays out the three key areas he believes will shape the future connectivity: digital beamforming, millimetre wave innovation, and next-gen physical layer.

These deep tech advancements go beyond just technology: they’re creating future-proofed infrastructures that thrive amid global socio-industrial shifts – so they don’t just help you keep pace, they set the pace. In the race for connectivity, we don’t wait for the future, we build it.

How AI can unlock new levels of network efficiency

AI is breathing new life into technologies, and entire markets. This transformative field of deep tech is enabling more efficient, intuitive and sustainable networks – stimulating growth and innovation for ambitious market leaders.

CC’s Head of AI, Dr Maya Dillion, explores the role AI will play in future of telecoms and satellite. Through autonomous AI-native networks, Edge AI, Generative AI and Cognitive Behavioural Analysis, combined with CC’s unique AI Assurance framework, our deep tech AI innovation is uncovering the next steps in network evolution. This work can future-proof your network to unlock unmatched efficiency, new opportunities and unprecedented growth for your business.

Why CC?

We are not your average technology consultants. We’ll work alongside you at every stage of the innovation cycle… exploring new business opportunities, selecting the optimal technology path and advancing the state-of-the-art in deep tech to engineer entirely new wireless and digital systems at scale.

The payoff – our clients bring to market technologies and services with world-leading performance that open lucrative new markets.

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Head of AI

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