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ONdrugDelivery, Dan Cowen
CC in the news

Accelerating combination product development using digital twin technology – ONdrugDelivery

Dan Cowen, Sebastian White and Anthony Robinson consider the value that implementing a digital twin could provide to delivery device design across multiple stages of a development programme ...
TechUK, Karen Balbi
CC in the news

Intelligent compute: a recipe for sustainable and cost-effective growth – techUK

Karen Balbi explores the challenges and opportunities for businesses to improve efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable growth as they turn to cloud computing to streamline operations and enhance scalability ...
Ag Funder News
CC in the news

Biologicals are ‘economically unfeasible’ for growers. Equipment manufacturers could change that

A new report from Cambridge Consultants and Agri-TechE lays out a blueprint for what that collaboration might look like in more granular detail, specifically when it comes to biologicals and precision agriculture ...
ONdrugDelivery, Charlie Dean
CC in the news

Sustainable by design – developing patient and planet centric medical devices – ONdrugDelivery

This article explores the delicate balance between patient and planet centricity. It proposes a user- and planet-centric approach to developing valuable and sustainable medical devices by marrying user-centred design and sustainability best practices, applied by a multidisciplinary team ...
Is that AI product or service the real deal? Here’s how to tell - Fortune
CC in the news

Is that AI product or service the real deal? Here’s how to tell – Fortune

Maya Dillon, our head of AI talks to Fortune about AI-washing? Exactly what is it and what does it mean for businesses? ...
The Edge Singapore, Miles Upton
CC in the news

Keys to becoming quantum-safe – The Edge

The rise of quantum computing may soon enable us to solve complex real-world issues like the climate crisis and drug discovery more quickly. However, quantum computers could also cause havoc as they can compromise existing cryptographic systems, putting secure communications and data protection at risk ...
The State of M-Commerce 2024 - Silicon UK
CC in the news

The State of M-Commerce 2024 – Silicon UK

Director of Digital Service Innovation, Martin Cookson, discusses developments in mobile commerce with Silicon UK ...
AI In Your Pocket - Silicon UK
CC in the news

AI In Your Pocket – Silicon UK

Prof David Berman spoke with Silicon UK about the inclusion of AI into mobile devices ...
Tech Monitor, Carolina Sanchez
CC in the news

House of Lords AI report condemns UK government for AI safety focus – Tech Monitor

Dr. Carolina Sanchez, senior assurance technologist responded to the House of Lords comment that the UK is at risk of falling behind on AI because of its narrow focus on safety ...
TechUK, Madeline Cheah
CC in the news

Transcending boundaries; the future of national security – TechUK

The future for national security is transdisciplinary. No single discipline can hope to solve all the complex, multifaceted challenges alone. Transdisciplinary is a particularly apposite term here, in that it encompasses not just the knowledge drawn from different disciplines, but the integration of it in a way that transcends traditional ...

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