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Technology is fundamentally changing the way we live, work and do business.

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From the largest multinational to our individual daily lives, these are two of the big ideas that are changing everything.  

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We know that outsourcing can seem daunting. We’ve honed our processes to make sure we’re easy to work with, minimising risk and enabling effective collaboration. 

We can help at every stage, from technology consulting and concept strategy, through to full product and service development.       

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Clients engage us to access our deep market knowledge and exceptional technical expertise – a combination that leads to industry-defining ideas and breakthroughs that defy convention.

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Our clients tell us that we create devices that “almost defy the laws of physics” and deliver “out-of-the-ordinary engineering capability”.

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The AI renaissance: why it’s taken off and where it’s going

15th May 2020

The technological enablers for widespread use of artificial intelligence (AI) have fallen into place. Early movers in technology industries have driven initial applications, but the scene is now set for widespread and accelerated adoption...

  • AI & Analytics

Work after COVID – can Virtual Learning Environments speed automation developments to ease labour disruption?

18th May 2020

The focus on automation has sharpened in recent months, following global disruption of supply chains and labour. But what can be done now to speed the delivery of such vital solutions to help in the aftershock of the pandemic? 

  • Digital services
  • Human factors
  • Innovation management
  • Strategic advice
Press release

Building a life-saving ventilator at lightning speed

19th May 2020

Cambridge Consultants today unveils Veloci-Vent, a sophisticated emergency ventilator designed and built at the request of the UK Government for use in the treatment of COVID-19.

  • Electronics & ASICs
  • Fluids & thermodynamics
  • Human factors
  • Industrial design
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Product realisation

The AI Opportunity - getting Edge AI to work at its best

27th May 2020

The constraints of size, cost, power and connectivity present significant challenges in getting Edge AI to work at its best. This was the backdrop to a recent project we completed for an Asian technology giant...

  • AI & Analytics