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With deep expertise across a vast range of engineering and consulting disciplines, our teams re-invent innovation.

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Clients engage us to access our deep market knowledge and exceptional technical expertise – a combination that leads to industry-defining ideas and breakthroughs that defy convention.

Six decades of breakthrough innovation

We help brands stand apart from their competitors.

Regular award-winners, we’re the partner of choice for global multinationals, aspiring enterprises and ambitious start-ups alike. Take a look at some of our projects…
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Personalised wine blending technology

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A vision of future surgical robotics.

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Iridium Extreme PTT

A world-first for mobile communication

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Accesso Prism

Enhancing the theme park experience

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A breakthrough in inhaler design

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What our clients say

Our clients tell us that we create devices that “almost defy the laws of physics” and deliver “out-of-the-ordinary engineering capability”.

How we work

We know that outsourcing can seem daunting. We’ve honed our processes to make sure we’re easy to work with, minimising risk and enabling effective collaboration.

We can help at every stage, from technology consulting and concept strategy, through to full product and service development. 


Our clients look to us for breakthrough innovations that will transform their business.

To provide this consistently, a structured approach to innovation is required. We have developed processes and tools that minimise the time to create breakthrough ideas, allowing our clients to stand out in their markets.


Market-leading breakthroughs don’t happen by accident. We apply a combination of creativity and science-led design so that products and services reach their fullest potential.

We perform robust feasibility analysis to establish what’s possible, minimise risk and provide greater budget and timescale confidence.


Once a design is completed, that’s just the start of its life in the market – especially for services.

We provide comprehensive support of designs into operation to minimise problems during launch, then supply ongoing enhancement throughout the lifecycle.


Once a design is agreed, every day that it’s not on the market is a day of revenue lost.

We’ve honed our development, test, NPI and supply chain processes to provide fast and reliable realisation, over the 400+ projects that we undertake each year.

Our people

We employ the brightest minds in engineering, science and design.

Passionate problem-solvers, experienced specialists and revolutionary thinkers, our team exists to make a real difference.

News & insights

The latest announcements and thought leadership from our team.
Press release

AI in telecommunications set to secure the ‘Augmented Human’

21st Feb 2018

Cambridge Consultants today launches a major new report, stating that the telecommunications sector will be an AI pioneer, as many features of 5G and IoT networks will depend on AI to reach maximum potential.


  • Cloud/scalable systems
  • Digital health
  • Digital services
  • Industrial design
  • Innovation management
  • Machine learning & AI
  • Robotics
  • Strategic advice
Elon Musk's Tesla in space

Innovation - lessons from history from Brunel to Musk

6th Mar 2018

Important lessons from history. What can we learn from Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Elon Musk? The world is going through an industrial revolution. Everything we know and take for granted is under threat...

  • Innovation management
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Product realisation

Vlog: Technology to deliver the perfect pint

1st Mar 2018

Edd Brunner looks at what digital and sensor technology can bring to beer and soft drink on-trade draught systems. 

  • Digital services
  • Dispense
  • Sensing
Press release

New report highlights recipe for responsible governmental AI

12th Feb 2018

We unveil five missing ingredients to responsible governance of AI. A new report, to be published at Mobile World Congress, aims at combatting fear of AI as an all-encompassing force taking over industry, society and politics

  • Digital services
  • Machine learning & AI