To support the surge in connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), we develop systems that are capable of ingesting, analysing and exploiting huge quantities of data quickly and effectively.

System design

We help clients navigate complex operational and commercial decisions, balancing on-premise, in-cloud and hybrid trade-offs, to create cloud computing systems that will scale with their customer base.

Our experience in system design delivers improved time to market and the flexibility to cope with evolving demands. 

Best-of-breed technologies

We combine rapid development expertise with complete vendor neutrality, deploying best-of-breed open source technologies.

Together with our award-winning human factors and user experience engineers, we deliver remarkable services and apps for a broad range of markets, from fast-moving consumer environments to the highly-regulated medical industry. 

Migration to the cloud

To remain at the cutting-edge, our clients are increasingly looking to migrate traditional IT resources and in-house software to the cloud, enabling data volume and velocity capacity to flex in near real-time.

Using our device development experience and human factors expertise, we develop complete cloud-hosted products and services that ensure our clients’ infrastructure investments are targeted and transformative.

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Tech, tools & facilities

Cloud stack development

Cloud stack development

This virtualised compute resource – affectionately known as Cloud Cuckoo – is specifically designed to enable rapid systems research and development within a controlled, secure environment. Having the facility to spin up large numbers of virtual machines on-demand is unusual and highly advantageous. With multiple multi-core shelves and nearly a petabyte of fast storage, this resource provides support for all layers of cloud stack development. It’s compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and other popular platforms.

Case studies

Case study

Iridium Extreme satellite phone

The first truly global ‘Push-To-Talk’ mobile communications system, Iridium Extreme PTT has provided the low-earth orbit leader with a valuable new revenue stream.

Case study

Ocado smart platform

Transforming warehouse automation with another world-first in radio design

News & insights


Introducing SomeSQL

25th September 2018

NoSQL databases (such as MongoDB) give developers much more freedom in how to store their data. But this freedom means that there is much more risk that the data gets into a state which can’t be read by the interfacing...

  • Cloud/scalable systems
  • Data science & analytics
Press release

New app to demystify the neutrino

2nd July 2018

Neutrinos are one of the most important particles in the universe. Partnering with Durham University, we’ve created a new AR app that demystifies this most mysterious of particles. Breakthrough innovation specialists...


Sensing the need for cockpit innovation

30th May 2018

There’s a lot written about new sensors that are used in cars to make them more autonomous or safer. LIDAR, radar and externally facing cameras are often mentioned. However, in the automotive market...

  • Cloud/scalable systems
  • Connectivity & IoT
  • Electronics & ASICs
  • Machine learning & AI

Thinking big - the Ocado way

25th May 2018

We often ask ourselves what innovation truly means. It’s an important question for any ambitions business to consider as history has shown that a revolution in technology brings far greater benefits than an evolution to a legacy technique.

  • Cloud/scalable systems
  • Connectivity & IoT
  • Electronics & ASICs
  • Industrial design
  • Radio systems
  • Robotics
  • Tracking & location

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