Diverse application

We design and develop dispense technologies for a huge variety of applications, from medical and cosmetic devices to oil and gas, agriculture and beverage systems.

Our scientists and engineers exploit the potential of physics and chemistry to deliver the desired fluid characteristics, no matter how challenging the specification. 

Our strengths

Efficiency of delivery
For high-value formulations and highly cost-constrained appliances, efficiency is everything. We have created a high efficacy inhaler using the minimal quantity of drug and finely controlled particle size distribution in a consumer aerosol to meet changing regulations.
End product quality
The consumer experience is not only influenced by formulation but also delivery – the droplet size, foam bubble size and texture. Our systematic, science-led approach and deep expertise consistently deliver dramatic improvements in quality despite tight technical and cost constraints.
New products
We have established expertise enabling new products and product categories, creating new applications for new technology. Examples include functional packaging for a new type of aerosol and putting a fresh spin on frozen cocktail dispense with a beer-style font.


Decades of excellence

We have managed challenging dispense projects for a diverse range of clients over many decades, developing a series of breakthrough products along the way.

Our multidisciplinary approach draws in our fluidics and microfluidics engineers, physicists, chemists, systems engineers and innovation facilitators.

We excel at challenging convention, using a combination of analysis, modelling and practical testing to understand and optimise complex systems, leading to rapid development of novel technologies. 

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Tech, tools & facilities

Food & beverage lab

Food & beverage lab

Specifically set up to meet the unique requirements of developing food- and beverage-safe systems, our dedicated lab means we have the necessary procedures and equipment in place to design and test new products in-house. Quantitative and scientific testing is fundamental to our science-led innovation approach, but ultimately taste tests are always needed. This is our only lab where the consumption of food and drink is not just allowed but essential!

Analytical laboratories

Analytical labs

Our laboratories provide high accuracy measurement and analysis for the wide range of projects we undertake. Specialist equipment includes a gas chromatography mass spectrometer (GCMS), a Matersizer particle size analyser, a Spraytec laser diffraction droplet size analyser, high-speed and thermal imaging cameras and rapid-development custom image analysis software.

Case studies

Case study

Fafaza precision crop spraying

'AI at the edge' delivers smarter farming

Case study

Vinfusion wine blending system

Vinfusion is a personalised wine blending system that allows the user to design their perfect wine. Vinfusion also makes wine recommendations based on the user’s tastes while collecting valuable market intelligence for the vendor. 

News & insights


The low alcohol beer revolution - MY Beer MY Way at point of serve

12th June 2019

Low and no alcohol beer has been around since the 1980s, but recently there’s been a revolution in the non-alcoholic drinks sector including beer

  • Digital services
  • Dispense
  • Innovation management

Low cost nano-climate control for vertical farming

15th March 2019

Vertical farming pushes the boundaries of a microclimate. But while lighting and sensors have evolved, cooling systems are almost identical to those first introduced in the 1900s. Vertical farming pushes the boundaries...


  • Dispense
  • Fluids & thermodynamics
  • Mechanical engineering

How to make a non-smart system smart

16th January 2019

Thanks to AI and smart algorithms combined with low cost sensors, giving legacy system 'smarts' is an effective way in delivering a multitude of benefits.

  • Connectivity & IoT
  • Digital services
  • Dispense
  • AI & Analytics
  • Sensing
  • Service design

2018 Giant Health Event - The Future is FemTech

22nd November 2018

Menopause is in the spotlight helped by coverage from the BBC and other websites. Nicola Millar presented how technology can provide drug-free alternatives to help women going through menopause.

  • Dispense
  • Fluids & thermodynamics
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Sensing



Beauty & Money Summit 2019

25th Apr 2019
SLS Hotel Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA

We're at this year’s Beauty & Money Summit presenting our experience in personalization enabled by advanced technology.


Innovations in Personal Care 2019

28th Feb 2019
Transit Lounge, Bugis Junction Level 10, Singapore

At Innovations in Personal Care, we will discuss how cutting-edge technology can enable personalised beauty in today’s personal care industry.


DDL 2018

Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh, UK
Stand: 228

DDL provides an annual forum for professionals involved in developing medicines for inhalation. DDL 2018 features five themed sessions, each with a combination of invited and submitted lectures given by experts in the field of inhalation and students working to advance respiratory science.


Food Matters Live

London ExCel, London, UK

Food Matters Live is a global community event connecting people working in food, drink and nutrition; it provides a platform to share game-changing ideas, innovations and insights.

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