End-to-end support

Wherever you are in your development journey, we can help – from front-end strategy, through design and development, to post-launch support and enhancement.




Business & technology strategy

Our clients look to us for strategies that will transform their business. To provide this consistently, a structured approach is required. 
We’ve developed processes and tools that minimise the time to create breakthrough ideas, allowing our clients to stand out in their markets.




Market-leading breakthroughs don’t happen by accident. We apply a combination of creativity and science-led design to ensure products and services reach their full potential.
We perform robust feasibility analysis to establish what’s possible, minimise risk and provide greater budget and timescale confidence.



Development & NPI

Once a design is agreed, every day it’s not on the market is a day of revenue lost.
We’ve honed our development, test, NPI and supply chain processes to provide fast and reliable realisation for the projects that we undertake.



Support & operational service

Once a design is launched, that’s just the start of its life in the market – particularly for services.
We provide comprehensive support of designs into operation to minimise problems during launch and then ongoing evolution and enhancement throughout the lifecycle.

Our business model

We’re a product and service development organisation that our clients employ to create breakthroughs in their markets.

Our combination of technical, commercial and market expertise yields market-leading solutions – creating returns for clients that are many times their investment. 

Trusted partners

We focus on our clients’ success, who treat us as integral partners in the future of their businesses.

Working on a ‘fee for service’ basis, we provide an ever-ready, on-demand capability – working as an extension of our clients’ own team.

We take full responsibility for project delivery to achieve successful outcomes for our clients. 

Complete delivery

Our goal is for our clients to grow as a result of using our services. We therefore don’t look to retain ownership of the output of our projects.

Instead, we typically assign all intellectual property, designs and regulatory documentation to our clients. 

Outsourcing made easy

We understand that outsourcing can be a daunting prospect.

Over six decades, we’ve refined our working model with clients to make the journey as simple, pain-free and rewarding as possible. 

We speak your language

We bring market knowledge and commercial awareness, not just technical expertise.

We provide clarity

Comprehensive statements of work that clearly set out what we’ll do.

We take responsibility

We take full responsibility for managing our work and delivering results.

We’re solution agnostic

Being independent, we don’t promote particular technologies or manufacturing routes – just the best solution for the application. 

We’re adaptable

We adopt your processes, documentation and tools where applicable, for simpler interworking and compliance.

We’re your one-stop-shop

We put an exceptionally broad array of deep expertise at your disposal, maximising the degree of innovation.

We encourage knowledge transfer

We work with you as an integrated team to maximise the insight and skills you gain during the project.

The team you meet is the team you’ll get

We always look to deploy the team you’ve met and trust. 

We can help you achieve the impossible