From stratospheric antennas to implantable bio-sensors, from the thermodynamics of carbon capture to quantum technology and AI-designed biology, we use deep tech to challenge and change the status quo.

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ITPro, Derek Long

How will 6G transform the workplace? – IT Pro

The next generation of network connectivity could supercharge the metaverse, boost productivity, and render the smartphone obsolete ...
Radical quantum sensing ideas | Cambridge Consultants

Radical quantum sensing ideas from multidisciplinary collaboration

The BMW Quantum Computing Challenge helped spark some great input to our work in quantum technology. The collaboration with colleagues from across Capgemini sparked radical quantum sensing ideas ...
Investing in Automation

Investing in Automation

Resisting automation is no longer an option – so the attention of the world’s C-Suite is turning from the question of ROI to three fundamentals… what kind of robotics and automation should I pursue, how can automation make my business ...
Sustainability in drug delivery product design innovation

Sustainability at the heart of drug delivery product design

Lizzie Thomas presents her case for designing improved, sustainable drug delivery product design. Currently, the approach is dominated at the outset by patient-centricity. This focus means that wider, more long-term implications simply aren’t considered early enough ...
Robotics and Innovation, Oliver Batley

Deep Impact: Warehouse Automation – Robotics & Innovation

The number of suppliers is going up, costs are coming down, systems are getting smaller and becoming more off-the-shelf and less bespoke. All this means that automation is not just for the big players – smaller warehouses can automate too ...
Robotics and Innovation, Chris Roberts

Why does the UK lag in its use of industrial robots? Robotics & Innovation

Contrary to popular belief, robots don’t tend to steal jobs, most businesses only look to automate when they can’t find people willing to do the low paid, highly repetitive, dirty and even dangerous tasks that are a good fit for ...
5G connectivity for US government | Cambridge Consultants

Emerging 5G network architectures for US government organizations

There’s far more to the disruptive power of 5G than fast speeds for mobile broadband services. It’s time to broaden the focus to emerging network architecture that offers unprecedented levels of operational connectivity and flexibility ...
PassWOrd, Aidong Xu

The world of AI chip development – Podcast – PassWOrd

Aidong Xu joins PassW0rd with Peter Warren, who looks at AI chip development, the arms race of the 21st century and the high-tech bedrock of a brave new world ...
Web3 innovation for digital services | Cambridge Consultants

Web 3 will save your business from irrelevancy

In my second article on Web3, I retain my digital services viewpoint, but provide a more nuanced overview by unpacking the potential benefits of Web3 ...

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