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E+T, Oli Quirko

As industry goes all-in on automation, what happens next? – E+T

Businesses from across industry are scrambling to implement automation plans. Those who get it right will be poised to own the future ...
Biofuel decarbonisation of aviation

HBx could spur the air industry towards net zero

Decarbonising aviation is a herculean task, but the HBx organism holds the potential to radically change both the carbon intensity of transport fuels and the economics of the biofuel industry ...
A new way forward for industry: the pervasive intelligence of evolved intent-based networking

A new way forward for industry: the pervasive intelligence of evolved intent-based networking

This paper outlines our concept of ‘evolved intent-based networks’ – utilising pervasive intelligence from across an entire communications network to automate configuration that supports a specific set business of requirements ...
how to unlock the true value of O-RAN

RIC and roll: how to unlock the true value of O-RAN

This whitepaper explores the critical role that the RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) plays in transforming the network and empowering operators to create and monetise distinctive service propositions. In other words, it’s the RIC that can unlock the true value of the ...
Propelling automation in a simulated environment

Propelling autonomy in a simulated training environment

Niall Mottram attended the Automate Conference determined to put the case for simulated environments as a key accelerator for autonomy. His main takeaway – simulation is right on message and in tune with the mood of the industry ...
The Medicine Maker, Rob Collison

Champions of Cell and Gene Therapy – The Medicine Maker

How do we ensure that not only the rich benefit from cell and gene therapy? Rob Collison of Cambridge Consultants says: It’s about more than cutting costs ...
mmWave radar simulation for autonomous vehicle development

Move over LiDAR, mmWave radar is here

Industry is frustrated by the cost and excessive timeframes of obtaining real-world data for autonomous vehicle (AV) development. Using simulated environments – specifically mmWave radar simulation – can slash costs ...
The opportunities for wireless in hospital healthcare

The opportunities for wireless in hospital healthcare

This whitepaper describes the benefits of introducing advanced wireless capabilities into surgical and critical care settings, the technical approaches to achieve this, and the challenges that can arise. It concludes with our vision for some exemplar use cases.  ...
Connected healthcare digital biomarkers

Digital biomarkers for patient-empowering connected health

The future promises a digitally connected healthcare system that empowers both patients and carers alike. So, what’s the next step for pharma companies and device developers with ambitions in the space? ...

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