From stratospheric antennas to implantable bio-sensors, from the thermodynamics of carbon capture to quantum technology and AI-designed biology, we use deep tech to challenge and change the status quo.

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mmWave radar simulation for autonomous vehicle development

Move over LiDAR, mmWave radar is here

Industry is frustrated by the cost and excessive timeframes of obtaining real-world data for autonomous vehicle (AV) development. Using simulated environments – specifically mmWave radar simulation – can slash costs ...
The opportunities for wireless in hospital healthcare

The opportunities for wireless in hospital healthcare

This whitepaper describes the benefits of introducing advanced wireless capabilities into surgical and critical care settings, the technical approaches to achieve this, and the challenges that can arise. It concludes with our vision for some exemplar use cases.  ...
Connected healthcare digital biomarkers

Digital biomarkers for patient-empowering connected health

The future promises a digitally connected healthcare system that empowers both patients and carers alike. So, what’s the next step for pharma companies and device developers with ambitions in the space? ...
Inside CPGs

Inside CPGs – experts share their views of how CPGs can turn profit from digitally enabled products

Digital transformation is a huge topic, sweeping across many aspects of our lives, from ecommerce to the digitalization of internal systems.  When we partnered with news publisher CGT (Consumer Goods Technology) for its latest webinar, we were keen to focus ...
Technology Networks, Andrew Goulter

In vitro diagnostics needs seismic change to improve patient outcomes and deliver economic benefits – Technology Network

The current state of in vitro diagnostics is no longer fit for purpose. Inadequate procedures mean that critical insights are often missed, while expenditure statistics on both sides of the Atlantic reveal lagging levels of investment ...
The Engine MIT venture ecosystem

CC and The Engine venture ecosystem: an alignment of ambition

We're ramping up our commitment to The Engine, the ambitious venture ecosystem spun out of MIT to support ‘Tough Tech’ companies and solve key challenges in climate change, human health and advanced systems ...
5G network connectivity for utilities

Private 5G network connectivity for utilities

Utilities are well aware of the potential of private 5G networks and are keen to explore the full spectrum of digital systems for next generation connectivity. Private 5G networks can meet the connectivity requirements of modern utilities – but the ...
Single photon advanced optical sensing innovation

A breakthrough in advanced optical sensing

The ability to count and track individual units of light can have an exciting range of applications across medtech and beyond, as a recent collaboration with Cambridge University has proved ...
Assembly, Ram Devarajulu

Inside or Outside? – Assembly

Greater process control, lower setup costs and simple equipment programming make it easier than ever for manufacturers to build their automation in-house rather than hire a machine builder ...

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