From stratospheric antennas to implantable bio-sensors, from the thermodynamics of carbon capture to quantum technology and AI-designed biology, we use deep tech to challenge and change the status quo.

Read our latest research and insights to help you see beyond the innovation hype and find out how emerging technologies are solving important business problems.

Three visions for ophthalmology

Three visions for ophthalmology

Among the participants at Cambridge Consultants unique ophthalmology technology innovation workshop were three renowned leaders in their respective fields, Professor Robert MacLaren, Elizabeth Yeu MD and Grayson Armstrong MD. In these exclusive interviews, they share their expert insights and their ...
AI assurance and responsible AI

AI assurance – protecting next-gen business innovation

AI will transform business and society, but concerns remain over AI ethics, AI security and much more. Here, CC experts explain how AI assurance can be the protection for the future of your business or organisation ...
Bench to scale workshop insights for tech start ups

Bench to scale workshop insights for tech start ups

While exploring some of the details of CC’s workshop approach to help tough tech start-ups, Roger Mainwaring-Burton reveal the secrets of taking a product, service or company from benchtop to scale to success in the market ...
Quantum cloud computing | Cambridge Consultants

Digital service innovation for quantum cloud computing

What is quantum computing? That’s a question still being asked by much of the world’s C-suite. But here at CC our multidisciplinary teams of physicists, engineers and designers are already helping to plot a credible pathway for a future powered ...
Quantum computing for pharma | Cambridge Consultants

Quantum computing for pharma and life sciences

What can quantum computing and quantum technology do for the pharma and life sciences industry? Elizabeth Thomas has conferred with Cambridge Consultants’ quantum experts and shares her insights into how organisations can start implementing an action plan ...
DVF for digital innovation | Cambridge Consultants

Desirability, Viability, Feasibility

Not everyone knows how to embark on the road to a new market breakthrough – or has the confidence to overcome natural hesitancy. At CC, we believe in the design thinking approach known as DVF (Desirability, Viability, Feasibility) ...
DNA testing and precision medicine | Cambridge Consultants

What next for precision medicine?

The world of DNA testing is changing fast and the race is on to provide cheap, quick genetic diagnoses for patients. Symon Cotton, Head of Life Sciences takes a look at the opportunities on offer for companies working in this ...
Global pharma drug delivery collaboration | Cambridge Consultants

Collaboration can unlock a successful connected future for global pharma

Global pharma is hitting a major fork in the road, and one way leads to failure. For me, it’s vital that the industry comes together to grasp the once-in-a-generation opportunity that emergent technology is offering ...
Start-up technology risk management | Cambridge Consultants

Start-up technology risk management in The Engine venture ecosystem

Founders of early-stage start-ups are passionate, driven and optimistic. So, as they embark on the mission to sell their vision, they should accentuate the positive and keep negative thoughts of risk to the back of their mind, right? Wrong ...

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