From stratospheric antennas to implantable bio-sensors, from the thermodynamics of carbon capture to quantum technology and AI-designed biology, we use deep tech to challenge and change the status quo.

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Robotics and Automation, Chris Roberts

Robotics & Automation’s 2024 trends forecast – Robotics and Automation

Chris Roberts, head of industrial robotics and Stewart Marsh, head of aerospace talked to Robotics and Automation about the expected trend for 2024 ...
Cambridge Consultants Prepares for Commercial Tipping Point of Quantum - IOT World Today

Cambridge Consultants Prepares for Commercial Tipping Point of Quantum – IOT World Today

In this Q&A, James Cruise, associate director of quantum algorithms, reviews what the U.K. government’s quantum missions mean for business ...
Design thnking

Design thinking will unlock deep tech transformation for ophthalmology

Ophthalmology is undergoing significant transformation that will reshape eyecare in the 21st century. It has become imperative to innovate and optimise clinical workflows for greater efficiency ...
Building empathy into human-machine interaction

Building empathy into human-machine interaction

One of the biggest challenges we face as deep tech innovators is building empathy into AI-enabled human-machine interactions. So, what is an empathetic machine and why is it? ...
Computing, Dr Aidong Xu

Novel architectures are the next step in silicon – Computing

From artificial intelligence to quantum, the latest computing trends offer vast opportunities for the future of computing. In this article Dr Aidong Xu looks at some of the emerging novel silicon architectures ...
Sky News, Dr Maya Dillon

AI Safety Summit: What’s going to happen at the first major global meeting on artificial intelligence? – Sky News

Dr Maya Dillon, head of AI at Cambridge Consultants, spoke to Sky News ahead of the summit saying it’s “a great opportunity" for the UK to take a leading role in setting the tone for AI development globally ...
Trusted soil measurement is the key to scaled regenerative agriculture

Trusted soil measurement is the key to scaled regenerative agriculture

Businesses are committed to sustainability and net zero targets. Regenerative agriculture has a huge role to play to help meet these targets and reduce environmental impact ...
A new frontier for smart active implants

A new frontier for smart active implants

Now is an exciting time to be working in the medtech industry, says John Genova, who heads our smart active implants teams. Here, John explains why the next medical frontier is smart active implants ...
frogcast, Ruth Thomson

Design Mind frogcast Ep.42 – Shifting from Performance to Outcomes – frog

On this episode of the Design Mind frogcast, we’re talking about future-proofing products and services to connect the dots between creating experiences people love and contributing toward a more regenerative future for people and planet ...

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