From stratospheric antennas to implantable bio-sensors, from the thermodynamics of carbon capture to quantum technology and AI-designed biology, we use deep tech to challenge and change the status quo.

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Sustainability in drug delivery product design innovation

Sustainability at the heart of drug delivery product design

Lizzie Thomas presents her case for designing improved, sustainable drug delivery product design. Currently, the approach is dominated at the outset by patient-centricity. This focus means that wider, more long-term implications simply aren’t considered early enough ...
Med-tech news, Rodney Richardson

10 cybersecurity tips for medical device developers – Med-Tech News

Rodney Richardson, software and systems engineer, who has spent the past 20 years designing and developing medical software, outlines ten essential points for medical device developers regarding cybersecurity ...
Global pharma drug delivery collaboration | Cambridge Consultants

Collaboration can unlock a successful connected future for global pharma

Global pharma is hitting a major fork in the road, and one way leads to failure. For me, it’s vital that the industry comes together to grasp the once-in-a-generation opportunity that emergent technology is offering ...
Start-up technology risk management | Cambridge Consultants

Start-up technology risk management in The Engine venture ecosystem

Founders of early-stage start-ups are passionate, driven and optimistic. So, as they embark on the mission to sell their vision, they should accentuate the positive and keep negative thoughts of risk to the back of their mind, right? Wrong ...
The Engine MIT venture ecosystem

CC and The Engine venture ecosystem: an alignment of ambition

We're ramping up our commitment to The Engine, the ambitious venture ecosystem spun out of MIT to support ‘Tough Tech’ companies and solve key challenges in climate change, human health and advanced systems ...
Parkinson’s Disease active implant innovation

Why the world needs digitally connected active implant innovation

Dr Ashwini Sharan and Cambridge Consultants provoked debate with a film, ‘A day in the life of a Parkinson’s patient in 2030’, which imagined seamless therapy enabled by smart active implants, surgical robotics, digital connectivity and AI ...
Surgical robotics accuracy and precision

Should robots control accuracy and precision in surgery?

Should we be designing systems that autonomously control both accuracy and precision for the best outcome of the patient? Andy Savarese explores the questions and looks ahead as the role of surgical robotics evolves ...
Medical device design user experience

Six insights into successful medical device design

Designing a medical device is a challenging creative task. Not only must it be safe, reliable, easy to use and have market appeal, the product design must be accepted into people’s lifestyles ...
Health Tech World, Lai Chiu Tang

Time to get emotional – Health Tech World

By Lai Chiu Tang’s top six insights into successful medical device design. Designing a medical device is a challenging creative task. Not only must it be safe, reliable, easy to use and have market appeal, the device must be accepted ...

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