AI will transform business and society. The revolution is already in play, but nagging concerns linger over AI ethics and safety, particularly in areas such as autonomous AI security or decision-making systems. There are also worries, of course, that AI will replace human workers, leading to job losses and increased inequality. At the extreme, some argue that AI could become uncontrollable, leading to unintended consequences and potentially catastrophic outcomes.

What is responsible AI?

Against this backdrop, it is AI assurance – also referred to as trustworthy AI – that can act as protection for your business future. Scroll down to for a CC Innovation Briefing that reveals the commercial and societal value of AI assurance, while unpacking the holistic approach that is necessary to implement lasting and effective change. We explain ethical AI, explore specific AI assurance industry use cases, and plot the purpose, design, context and interactions of AI on the successful journey from automation to autonomy.

Very few companies have managed to develop and integrate an ideal AI assurance process. But those that have are leaders in the AI solutions market. Our paper explains that although the benefits of AI are significant, you must be vigilant in making sure your systems are developed and used responsibly. By implementing AI assurance and taking steps to address the potential risks and challenges, you’ll be best placed to unlock the full potential of AI – and so drive innovation, growth and positive societal impact.

Download the CC Innovation Briefing: ‘AI assurance – protecting next-gen business innovation’, now.

AI assurance innovation briefing

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Carolina Sanchez
Dr Carolina Sanchez
Principal Assurance Technologist

Carolina specialises in Assurance frameworks and processes for new technologies, focusing on AI applied within high safety critical environments. She leads AI Assurance development projects within Cambridge Consultants, and previously within NATS, National Air Traffic Services, Ordnance Survey and Cranfield University on innovation, smart mobility, AI trustworthiness, explainability and assurance.

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Dr Maya Dillon
Head of AI capability

Dr Maya Dillon has a love for science and technology, and its application in augmenting human ingenuity and empowering the world. She has a had a varied career; from astrophysics to running her own business as an executive coach to working as a data scientist and AI specialist before finding her platform at Cambridge Consultants. Her experience is a vibrant mix of academia, entrepreneurial work with start-ups and multi-national corporates.

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