Private networks can be game changers in enabling productivity, flexibility and differentiation for enterprises with complex or highly demanding needs. And yet, private network adoption has been slower than expected.

But it appears a shift is on the horizon as emerging economic, geopolitical, and technological trends converge, highlighting the relevance of private wireless networks like never before.

In this CC Innovation Briefing, our multidisciplinary team explores the key drivers that are advancing the case for private network adoption for demanding use cases and what vendors and enterprises should consider when developing a business case and technologies for this transformative opportunity.

The paper focuses on three take aways:

  • Private networks are a key part of an enterprise’s technology platform, and are vital to meet the evolving demands from productivity, resilience and sustainability

  • Enterprises can benefit most from private networks when use case needs go beyond what Wi-Fi can support, meeting exceptionally demanding and unique requirements

  • Vertically integrated technology stacks provide an opportunity for private networks to match exact communication needs, providing enterprises full control of their performance, security and environmental impact of their platform

When exploring the potential of private network technologies for demanding use cases, there is much to consider, but the benefits stretch far into the future. You can start to navigate the immense opportunities by downloading our report.

Private wireless network Innovation Briefing

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Alexandra Rehak
Alexandra Rehak
Director of Consulting, Innovation Strategy

Alexandra has nearly 30 years of experience consulting on business, technology and innovation strategy. At CC, Alexandra is Head of the Energy + Utilities market sector, bringing her extensive experience in intelligent digital services, IoT and telecommunications to the challenges of the energy transition.  She advises client technology and innovation leadership teams across the private and public sector on business transformation, digital service development, new business models, technology roadmapping and development strategies, as well as investment evaluation.

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Derek Long
Dr Derek Long
SVP of Telecommunications

Derek leads our collaboration within the telecoms and mobile sector, helping create breakthrough innovations that transforms the delivery of high-performance communication - for mobile carriers and ISPs to vendors and component manufacturers. With over 20 years’ experience in mobile technology, Derek has held a range senior management roles with multinationals and has a wealth of expertise across all generations of mobile and broadband technology, including LTE-A and 5G. Derek holds a PhD in telecommunications from the University of Bristol.

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Tim Rogers
Tim Rogers
Director of Wireless Technology

Tim holds over 25 years’ experience of leading large teams to architect complex wireless systems, with a current focus on satellite systems and applying AI techniques to enhance telecommunication networks. While his focus is on innovative technologies, Tim works closely with client leadership teams to select the right solution for the problem at hand. Before CC, Tim worked for many mobile broadband silicon vendors bringing leading edge technology to market. 

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