Are you curious about the future of the bioeconomy and how emerging technologies like biotechnology and synthetic biology will shape it?  This CC Innovation Briefing offers a bold yet plausible vision for the bioeconomy of 2035. It explores how the convergence of technologies will lead to scalable, profitable and resilient bioprocesses – ultimately benefiting both businesses and sustainability.

The report unpacks:

Synergistic technology interactions. Discover how the interaction of emerging technologies holds the key to predictability and scalability in the bioeconomy, and how these technologies can be harnessed to achieve a more sustainable future.

Adaptable bioprocesses. Explore a scenario where bioprocesses adapt seamlessly to changing conditions, ensuring consistent production even in the face of unforeseen challenges.

Flexible, optimised facilities. Learn how real-time data, modular processes and data fusion are transforming the bioeconomy, making it more resilient and efficient.

A networked bioeconomy. Understand how a networked bioeconomy, where data is shared and analysed in real time, can address industry challenges and improve sustainability.

Predictability. Discover the critical role of predictability in scaling bioprocesses, achieving flexibility, and ensuring certainty in the bioeconomy.

Community collaboration: Explore the interdisciplinary nature of bioeconomy advancement and the importance of collaboration and data sharing among stakeholders.

The bioeconomy is on the verge of a transformative leap, and this report outlines the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. If you're interested in the deep tech future of biotechnology, sustainability and business innovation, this briefing is a must-read.

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Rebecca Donaldson
Rebecca Donaldson
Technology Strategy Consultant

As part of the strategy, innovation and process group at Cambridge Consultants, Rebecca helps senior decision makers understand the technology breakthroughs that will have the largest impact on their organisation – and how to capitalise on them.

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James Westley
Capability leader, Industrial Biotech

James is responsible for growing ground-breaking industrial biotech capabilities and leading multi-disciplinary teams to invent radical innovations for ambitious clients.

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