With an exceptional combination of technical and commercial expertise, we develop clinical platforms that go beyond traditional boundaries, delivering better outcomes for both patients and our clients.

From through-body wireless telemetry to surgical robotics, our deep clinical, procedural and workflow understanding consistently leads to systems that excel in real-world clinical environments.

Our specialisms

Advanced surgical tools

Working at the frontier of surgical system development, we help our clients develop the next generation of surgical platforms for both mature and emerging global markets.

From surgical robotics and perioperative navigation to real-time sensing and visualisation, we specialise in technologies and applications that deliver true clinical value.

We support our clients across a wide range of clinical applications including general, vascular and cardiac surgery, orthopaedics, urology, ophthalmology and neurology.


We’re working with our clients to revolutionise therapy for both acute and chronic conditions by enabling the next generation of smart, highly miniaturised and connected implants.

From neuromodulation to CRM applications, our world-class expertise produces implants that sit at the heart of our clients’ digital care ecosystems.

We boast a diverse array of specialist experience, encompassing low-profile electronics, implanted telemetry, through-body wireless power delivery, patent-in-the-loop control, configuration systems and digital services.

Acute care

The increasing demands placed on healthcare systems require critical care wards to become ever more efficient. With our experience in safety-critical devices, digital services, usability and clinical workflow, we are leading the way in the development of game-changing ICU and life-sustaining technology.

From dialysis and anaesthesia delivery to wireless monitoring and wearables, we bring breakthrough technologies to critical care companies around the world.

How we work

With long experience in surgical and safety critical device development, we balance the many competing factors that influence clinical utility, performance, cost and time to market.

We assemble multidisciplinary teams to complement our clients’ skills and provide processes that are proven to speed up development and deliver regulatory compliance.

Our deep expertise in anatomy, procedure, OR workflow and condition management combined with our understanding of the surgical and broader medical device industry ensures not only technical feasibility but also clinical relevance.

Tools, tech & facilities

Surgical innovation suite

Surgical innovation suite

Equipped to simulate clinical, home and office environments, this facility allows us to test concepts, evaluate prototypes and analyse workflows in a safe and confidential setting. It’s an invaluable tool for understanding and communicating the contextual implications of design decisions, while the ability to conduct quick-turnaround usability evaluations means we can efficiently progress design and development.


Anechoic chambers & body phantoms

Our three anechoic chambers with proprietary tissue modelling systems and body phantoms mean we possess world-class infrastructure for the testing and optimisation of implanted telemetry, sensing and wireless power delivery systems.

Optics labs

Optics labs

Our suite optics labs enable us to build complex and high-precision optical layouts, typically for testing prototype designs and novel techniques prior to deployment. Featuring six high-spec optical benches with configurable interlocked controlled areas for high-power (class 4) laser work and specialist facilities for interferometry, spectroscopy, low-noise fluorescence imaging and photon counting. This space can be split into separate laser-controlled areas, allowing multiple experiments to run simultaneously, giving our optical engineers the capability to develop creative solutions without instrumentation restrictions.

Analytical laboratories

Analytical labs

Our laboratories provide high accuracy measurement and analysis for the wide range of projects we undertake. Specialist equipment includes a gas chromatography mass spectrometer (GCMS), a Matersizer particle size analyser, a Spraytec laser diffraction droplet size analyser, high-speed and thermal imaging cameras and rapid-development custom image analysis software.

Co-creation & co-working space

Co-creation & co-working space

We are highly collaborative in our approach and provide dedicated co-creation facilities where we can join forces with our client teams to address the task in hand. Creative spaces throughout our offices provide a blank canvas for ad-hoc brainstorming sessions and planned workshops, inspiring our designers in their quest to develop impactful, unique and meaningful user experiences.

Digital Greenhouse

Digital Greenhouse

The Digital Greenhouse is our purpose-built AI research facility, specifically designed to discover, develop and test machine learning approaches in a fast, secure environment. The facility features an NVIDIA DGX-1 Deep Learning Supercomputer, a bank of machine learning computers, petabyte local storage and many teraflops of dedicated compute power.

Life Science Labs

Life science labs

Our suite of restricted Class II laboratories are specifically designed for handling and experimentation of pharmaceuticals, licensed substances, biological hazards and human samples in a controlled and regulated environment. Our instrumentation rooms are equipped with metrology, microscopy and product test equipment for rigorous verification and quality assurance of prototypes and products.

Prototyping workshops

Prototyping workshops

Our electronic and mechanical prototyping workshops allow us to produce technically credible prototypes that bring ideas to life and offer a powerful demonstration of their value. All while maintaining extremely high standards of quality that conform to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 regulations. Using the latest CNC and milling machines, lathes, welding gear and wire harness and cable assembly tools, we are able to produce parts very quickly and assemble full-scale working prototypes for testing and consumer trials.

We can help you achieve the impossible


Case study

Axsis medical robotic concept

AXSIS demonstrates the possibilities of intelligent robotic design – robots that are dramatically smaller yet significantly more capable than existing surgical equipment.

Case study

Wireless charging for implants

Near-field, inductively coupled design for deep tissue neuromodulation system.



Current progress with the Digital Health Software Pre-Cert Program

19th July 2018

The FDA is changing what is regulated and what not, and how.  New openings are arising out of the shift in this line.  In additional, medical devices are no longer just ‘devices’; Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) is a whole new, fast developing area. The FDA is shifting how to manage the regulatory burden, and shifting some of that burden back to industry. How this impacts how companies do business in this space is explored.

  • Connectivity & IoT
  • Digital health
  • Product realisation
Peer reviewed research

Efficiency and power limits of electrical and tendon-sheath transmissions for surgical robotics

29th June 2018

Our vision about the future of surgical robotics includes the extension of the minimally invasive benefits of surgical robotics - increasing dexterity with reduced trauma and reduced healing time - to more surgical procedures...

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Robotics
Press release

Helping women to take control of menopausal hot flushes

27th June 2018

The menopause is seen by many to be merely a “women’s issue”. We have partnered with the National Innovation Centre for Ageing, to explore women’s experience of the menopause and to propose technology-based interventions.


Finding bugs fast: microbial testing for cell and gene therapy

13th April 2018

I’ve just got back to the office from a very interesting workshop looking to address the challenge of delivering rapid microbial testing in cell and gene products...

  • Sensing
  • Synthetic biology