The mobility industry is set to fast forward. As a partner to the ambitious, we can help you achieve the most complex breakthrough innovations at rapid speed – channelling our deep expertise in sensing, wireless connectivity, AI and edge computing.

With a proven track record across automotive, off-highway, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and smart infrastructure, our wide expertise will help you seize the huge potential of autonomy and service innovation.  

Our specialisms

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

We know the autonomous vehicle stack from top to bottom – so can help you develop ADAS features with a dramatically enhanced sense of perception, including in the construction, mining, agriculture and private vehicle sectors. The world-first innovations of our AI and analytics team include distortion removal and high definition depth prediction through sensor fusion of low-cost sensors.  

Virtual learning environments 

World-class simulation and modelling will help you reduce cost but quicken the development of robust, safety critical mobility technologies. We can replicate complex, real-world scenarios with proprietary simulation tools developed by our scientists and radar, optics and RF specialists. Millions of hours of costly conventional training are saved. Our expertise includes real-time modelling of advanced Radar and LiDAR.   

Ultra-low power silicon   

Ultra-low power silicon   

Our unique blend of IP, silicon and device development expertise means we can help you significantly reduce the power and cost of in-vehicle technology. This end-to-end understanding allows silicon to be targeted for mobility technology – driving higher levels of in-vehicle intelligence and ‘always on’ connectivity. 

As an Arm Approved Design partner, our expertise ranges from ultra-low-power ASICs and hardware accelerators to entire system on chips (SoC).  

Connected ecosystems   

Our mission critical communication systems range from highly secure in-vehicle and vehicle-to-vehicle platforms to the broad connected ecosystems (V2X) that support them. They allow vehicle technology and infrastructure companies to create failsafe connectivity that underpins ‘always on’ services. 

We apply our experience in major wireless technologies to every project; from satellite, cellular, and LPWAN to Bluetooth.  

Secure systems   

As autonomy and connectivity increases, it’s vital that your ecosystem is robustly defended against threats. Our technology solutions and expert security assessments provide that reassurance. We create secure sensor and communication systems, along with V2X and MaaS technologies that establish greater digital trust, preserving user safety and security.  

Electrification and decarbonisation   

We can help you develop advanced power electronics to accelerate electric vehicle development and adoption. Our experience spans sub-system, vehicle and infrastructure architectures and includes the development of controls and sensors for batteries, charging and grid balancing. 

Our skills in high fidelity simulation and EMC/EMI qualification help solve the most complex electrification challenges. The result is cheaper, longer range and more reliable vehicles, and more efficient infrastructure.  

We can help you achieve the seemingly impossible

How we work

Collaboration is our watchword as we match a dedicated team – from our pool of world-class designers, engineers and scientists – to your specific technology challenge. A passion for excellence characterises every project, whether you need to develop next generation ADAS or create a breakthrough in MaaS to redefine your market.

Our robust product development process and experience in developing safety-critical systems meet ISO26262 and SOTIF safety certifications.  

Tech, tools & facilities

Autonomous vehicle simulator

Autonomous vehicle simulator

This powerful asset will help you evaluate and validate advanced sensors and algorithms, including next generation Radar and LiDAR. The ability to assess safety and performance without expensive testing and physical data collection vastly accelerates product development for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers.


The simulator uses synthetic sensor data to run high throughput validation of perception, planning, prediction and control algorithm designs and evaluate proposed sensor suites.

Optics Lab

Optics labs

Our suite optics labs enable us to build complex and high-precision optical layouts, typically for testing prototype designs and novel techniques prior to deployment. Featuring six high-spec optical benches with configurable interlocked controlled areas for high-power (class 4) laser work and specialist facilities for interferometry, spectroscopy, low-noise fluorescence imaging and photon counting. This space can be split into separate laser-controlled areas, allowing multiple experiments to run simultaneously, giving our optical engineers the capability to develop creative solutions without instrumentation restrictions.

EMC test chamber

EMC test chamber

Our fully-shielded ETS-Lindgren anechoic test chamber is suitable for a wide range of EMC and RF testing, which is essential for new devices. It allows us to test for unwanted radiation and susceptibility to interference at an early stage with the results fed directly into product design, rather than later on when changes will be expensive to implement.

AI infrastructure datalab

AI infrastructure

Our onsite compute infrastructure allows us to explore options, train and test models more rapidly and get better results.


We run petaflop-scale, containerised compute on site, with multiple NVIDIA DGX-1 Deep Learning Supercomputers and other GPU and FPGA-accelerated servers. This links to petabyte-scale local NetApp storage, project-specific cloud and our continuous integration systems.

News & insights

ITSA AI report summary

How AI will transform transportation and mobility

5th Jan 2024

Global transportation systems are set for dramatic transformation. CC has joined forces with The Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) to create a visionary report on the subject. It unpacks how artificial intelligence will transform transportation and mobility in the United States.

  • AI & Data Analytics consultancy
  • Connectivity & IoT
  • Sensing
  • Strategic advice

The future of AI is at the edge

17th Sep 2020

Driven by advances in silicon and machine learning algorithms, Edge AI is presenting vast opportunities for businesses across diverse markets. 

  • AI & Data Analytics consultancy
  • Audio & Video
  • Connectivity & IoT
  • Electronics & ASICs
  • Signal processing
Press release

EnfuseNet: Rewriting the economics of vehicle autonomy

1st Jul 2020

Cambridge Consultants developed EnfuseNet, a breakthrough Artificial Intelligence (AI) system for autonomous vehicles. A low-cost system that generates high-resolution depth data for vehicle perception technology.

ITSA DI report summary

How digital infrastructure will shape the future of transportation systems

20th Sep 2023

CC has collaborated with The Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) on a landmark report. It reveals how digital infrastructure innovation will shape the future of the transportation system in the United States.

  • AI & Data Analytics consultancy
  • Connectivity & IoT
  • Sensing
  • Signal processing

Case studies

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Beaming 5G from the stratosphere

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Paving the way for low-cost, real-time sensing for smart buildings and smart cities, using machine vision and a low-cost processing platform

We can help you achieve the seemingly impossible