Our award-winning project management teams plan and control every aspect of the project life cycle – for single-person start-ups to global corporations – ensuring that business goals are met and benefits realised. 

Using project management processes and tools honed over many decades, we provide a controlled, well-managed and transparent approach that delivers the seemingly impossible.   

Proven processes

Our program management process – based on the principle of continuous improvement – balances reliable and deterministic development with the agility to undertake leafing innovation. It’s also compliant with the relevant aspects of ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and FDA 21 CFR 820.

Our process facilitates efficient project planning, delivery and closure; enables timely and accurate monitoring and reporting of progress and deliverables; and overarches our two technical development frameworks: the Product Development Process (PDP) and the Medical Development Process (MDP). 

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Our methodologies are underpinned by a track record of successful product and service innovation for clients around the world.

We’re adept at delivering complex multidisciplinary projects, exploiting the program management and communication tools of our increasingly connected world. Few contract engineering companies or consultancies can match the calibre of our skills and experience – or provide the full spectrum of services necessary to consistently deliver market-defining breakthroughs. 

We can help you achieve the seemingly impossible

Case studies

Case study

Iridium Extreme satellite phone

The first truly global ‘Push-To-Talk’ mobile communications system

Case study

Technology road mapping

Developing a realistic and achievable technology roadmap to deliver real end user value, for a market-leading supplier of photovoltaic panel mounting solutions.

News & insights

start-up risk assessment

Start-up technology can be risky business if threats aren’t tackled hard and early

Aug 19, 2022

Founders of early-stage start-ups are characteristically passionate, driven and optimistic. Understandably so. Very often they are nurturing a breakthrough idea with the capacity to disrupt business and change the world for the better. So, as they embark on the mission to sell their vision, they should accentuate the positive and keep negative thoughts of risk to the back of their mind, right? Wrong. 

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Uncertainty is the new certainty as Brexit influences medical device regulations

Oct 15, 2020

With fewer than 100 days of the Brexit transition period remaining, it’s clear that medical device manufacturers will need to respond efficiently to the new regulatory developments. Sara Dodd looks at the unfolding new regulatory landscape.

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Bioinnovation: from research to commercialisation

Jul 16, 2020

The UK biotechnology scene is buzzing with debate right now, with critical themes like green growth and sustainability really coming to the fore. The pandemic has thrust science and scientists into the spotlight like never before – and each of us has a responsibility to contribute to the sort of response that will help create a more resilient world.  

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Reward beyond the award: our acclaimed smart device could improve quality of life for IVF patients

Mar 4, 2020

It was fantastic to win one of the coveted iF DESIGN AWARDS for Alma, our smart cooling case for injectable fertility drugs. International recognition was a nice boost to the team responsible for a concept with potential to improve quality of life for women facing the challenges of IVF treatment...

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