“How can Hitachi work alongside its customers to explore new ways for IoT and AI to fuel business growth?” This was the question Hitachi, a long-standing client, posed to us and the basis of our work to help them co-create new services with their customers to unlock the huge potential of digital transformation.

To answer this, we’ve created a novel IoT platform that uses data and AI to unearth ‘never seen before’ insights and automatically highlight opportunities where Hitachi could offer new revenue streams or efficiencies for connected enterprises.

Take global shipping for example. The platform analyses data from on-board diagnostics and sensors, together with external data sources like the weather, to deliver a service that optimizes route planning, saving significant time, fuel, and costs.

Hitachi's ability to test and validate ideas rapidly before deploying at scale is an essential ingredient to gain value from IoT and the key to the project’s success.