Valve Corporation, a leading developer and distributor of video games, needed to jump-start development and open-up licensing of their world-renowned SteamVR® technology.

Realising they lacked the capacity to make this happen quickly, Valve turned to Synapse (a Cambridge Consultants company) to implement on-boarding, training and consulting services for all SteamVR licensees. 


We assembled an expert team to develop a strategy and solution for distributing technical knowledge to the SteamVR developer community.

We opened the doors of our Seattle office to provide training and bring the SteamVR community together. During the next 6 months, our engineers held 15 open enrolment courses, 3 private training sessions and hosted more than 140 attendees from all across the globe. 


The Hardware Development Kit (HDK) we created provides each licensee with everything they need to design and integrate tracked objects, with accompanying course curriculum and documentation spanning initial concept generation, simulation and prototyping, through software integration, calibration and troubleshooting.

We continue to support several key Valve partners in their VR program development.